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Breastfeeding & birth coach builds Evergreen webinar funnel that consistently books calls and converts at 11% with email & sales page copy from Jenny Roth Copywriting

Project: Email Funnel & Sales Page Copy for an Evergreen webinar funnel

Client: Courtney Stallworth, The Equipt Mama

“Jenny took the time to know me, my client, and my offer. We put in the work to build this funnel and test it multiple times to get it converting! I consistently book calls from the post-webinar email sequence that Jenny wrote for me.”

~ Courtney S., Black Birth & Breastfeeding Coach

The Client

Courtney Stallworth is a changemaker. Her business, to me, is everything I love about women-owned businesses. She is incredibly smart and talented in her field with an enormous heart for helping others.

Courtney is an RN, IBCLC, and Black Birth & Breastfeeding Coach. She helps Women of Color have a safe, smooth birth and bonding breastfeeding experience with their baby for the first 12 months.

She does this through her breastfeeding and birth coaching program, The Melanated Milkies Club, and her two courses from inside the MMC, Equipt to Birth and Equipt to Breastfeed. Courtney’s programs are exclusively for Women of Color.

Expecting moms join the MMC and gain all the knowledge and tools they need to have a breastfeeding-friendly birth. They go into birth feeling confident that they can make the right decisions for their body and their baby no matter what.

Then, they get to stay in the MMC through their baby’s first birthday as they navigate any lactation road bumps that come up in their breastfeeding journey. With the support, tools, and knowledge in the MMC, 100% of Courtney’s clients have had a trauma-free birth and 98% have celebrated a 12-month+ breastfeeding success rate!

The Challenge

Courtney had a high-converting webinar that she ran live and via ads on Evergreen for her signature program, The MMC.

The challenge was having emails in place to enhance the work she was already doing on that webinar and book more discovery calls. With her funnel, Courtney wanted to:

🔵Encourage/remind webinar sign-ups to attend the event.

🔵Close sales for anyone who opted in but didn’t join her offer on the webinar.

🔵Close more sales on her discovery calls by sending automated nurture emails before and after the call.

We also wanted to create an official sales page for The MMC so that even if someone found her program outside the webinar, they’d have all the information they needed to sign up/book a call with Courtney and join.

Your webinar brings in leads and your emails close those leads. It was so important to have an excellent email sales system in place to support the webinar Courtney created.

The Solution

I was so excited to write three email funnels for Courtney (webinar show-up, post-webinar sales, and discovery call nurture/post-call nurture), as well as a sales page and Facebook ad copy for her MMC program.

We started this project with market research. I dove in to talk to and listen to interviews from Courtney’s past clients to understand what this program had helped them achieve. Courtney and I also kicked things off with a two-hour messaging intensive to get all the angles for selling and talking about her offer in place.

Next, we created her sales page. If the messaging and copy on your sales page are on point, the rest of your launch/Evergreen funnel will fall into place. Your clients make their buying decision on the sales page, so this has to be ready to go!

After the sales page, we moved on to emails and ad copy.

The Results

We tested Courtney’s post-webinar sales funnel multiple times over a few months. We dove into every email in her sequence to adjust messaging and topics to get the highest open and click rates possible.

As a result, Courtney has a post-webinar email sequence that consistently converts at 11%. This means 11% of the people who get the emails that go out after her webinar book a discovery call to join her four-figure offer.

Another huge win from this project is Courtney’s sales page has booked calls outside her webinar.

For example, a client found her on Instagram, clicked the link in her bio for the MMC, read her sales page, and booked a call to join without watching her live webinar!

Courtney has also reported a higher show-up and closing rate on her discovery calls since implementing her pre and post-call sequences.

Things that worked in this project

Some things that worked for this Evergreen post-webinar sales copy include:

Testing. We tested this funnel multiple times to get it right. Don’t let anyone tell you a funnel is a set-it-and-forget-it kind of deal! It takes some finessing to see conversions.

We sent 12 emails in three days in her post-webinar sequence. When people hear this, they think that’s sooo many emails. I believe in this format because your readers are new to you and if they opted into your webinar, they are looking for the solution you provide now – so why make them wait one or two more weeks to get it?

Voice of customer research. This is true for every project, but you just cannot skip the market and voice of customer research phase. Your copy is always written for a reader. The best way to connect with that reader is to use words that show you how you understand the doubts, challenges, and desires they’re coming to you with and how you provide a unique solution.

Going bold, true, and specific with messaging. There is a lot at stake for Courtney’s clients if they don’t get equipt for a smooth birth and breastfeeding journey. Her emails call out the mistakes her clients are making and what they can do instead. Her emails call out what they stand to gain and lose. We also addressed the doubts and worries her clients have and showed how Courtney’s offer can help.

Copy Snippet

Here’s an example from Courtney’s Sales Page copy:

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