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Is writing to your email list the giant *should be doing* that never gets done?

It’s time to stop wondering if email will work for you - (it will) - and start doubling your Instagram sales with emails … 

1 - Your subscribers love to read 
2 - Don’t stress you the F out to create
3 - Make you money!

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 Show me what’s inside

“I used your templates for my Black Friday offer and the first one I sent out had significantly more clicks than I’ve had on any other emails in quite some time. 

It had a 3% click rate and I usually have about a 1% click rate!

Not to mention, a friend of mine who’s a copywriter replied and said, “This is a really great email!!” 

~ Ruthie S., Marketing & Social Media Strategist 

If you have an active Instagram, podcast, or Youtube following …

… but you’re not serving your audience and amplifying those marketing efforts with email…

You’re leaving a lotta cash money on the table.


This table is about to collapse because it’s so full of money that should be yours. #SaveATable, and …

Double your Instagram sales by adding email to your marketing game. 

You absolutely can write simple emails that make sales even if you … 

Have a small list.

Haven't emailed your people in a long time. (It’s cool - we’ll change that!)

Don’t have a fancy schmancy lead magnet or welcome funnel with all the bells and whistles. 

Already write emails but aren’t seeing many sales.

Feel stuck on what to say to your email list.

No matter your experience or past email face-palm moments :), Email Insiders will help you write forking good, effective emails – fast.

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“I can already tell Email Insiders is going to be a game changer for me. I joined this morning and I have all of my December emails written!!! What an awesome resource.”

~ Jennifer L - Bookkeeper & Bookkeeping tips

So … your coach (and every marketing expert on planet Earth) says it’s time to focus on building and marketing to your email list. 

Whoop Whoop!!

Here are your options: 

→ Option #1 - Continue to *attempt* email marketing on your own. 

But you wouldn’t be here if doing email marketing solo hadn’t been absolutely zero fun so far 😅.

→ Option #2 - Invest $1500/month to hire a copywriter on retainer and receive 4-6 done-for-you emails each month. 

Straight to the point - option #1 is actually a great option – if you’ve got the funds. 

But, I know not all business owners are ready to bring on their own copywriter yet. Which is why I created … 

→Option #3 -  get a new, customizable email newsletter template every week and email sequence template every quarter for less than $25/month!!

Option #3 is your best option as a growing coach or course creator business, and it’s called … 

Email Insiders

Double your current Instagram sales with email campaigns your about-to-be clients can’t wait to read.  

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“I have never been so excited to write emails. My emails for the entire month are done. This was my first time batching!! I got them done in one sitting – THANK YOU.”

~ Cree, Food Blogger & Chef

Email Insiders gives you a weekly email newsletter or launch template that’s nothing like the dull, looong, sales-y emails we’re all tired of reading.

Not a chance! We are literally allergic to boring and generic emails over here:). 

Here’s what you’ll receive when you join Email Insiders today

⭐Weekly email newsletter & launch templates

On the first of each month, I’ll email you a freshly-written batch of email newsletter templates. You’ll get one template for each week (so 4 or 5 total each month). 

>>> We deliver the entire month of emails at once instead of week by week, so you can schedule everything in advance. <<<

Simply follow the prompts and make each email your own, or use the mad-lib templates to swap in your business info when needed and get your email done – fast.  

All of our email templates are created in Google Docs. Save a copy to your Drive, and you’ll have that template for life!

Every email template includes:

A clear goal, visual example, and call to action – so you know the purpose of each email and why it works.

5 subject line options to choose from.

Step-by-step instructions to customize this email for your business.


⭐Quarterly Email Sequence Templates

At the top of every quarter, you’ll get a new email sequence template. To date, we have templates for Launch, Black Friday, Welcome, Masterclass/Webinar Sign Ups, Abandoned Cart, List Clean sequences, etc. 

These are plug-and-go. Add your offer details and the rest - like when to send each email, what to say, and how to say it - is all done for you. 


⭐BONUS Copywriting Templates Exclusive to Insiders

I know you’re not *just* writing emails in your business - so, I’m giving you more! 

With Insiders, you’ll gain a library of copywriting templates and tutorials to help you write your sales page, website, social captions, etc. That’s … 

  • Website Copy Templates
  • Sales Page Copy Classes & Templates
  • Copywriting Video Tutorials

These templates are exclusive to Email Insider members. 

Email Insiders Investment: $297 (Or Less than $25/month) for yearly access

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We’ve got prompts, fill-in-the-blanks, and options to choose from – so your templates are the perfect mix of “Wow, this sounds like me!” and “Thank goodness I didn’t have to write this from scratch!”

Email Insiders will make it possible for you to stay consistent in sending excellent and purposeful content to your list.

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The templates inside Email Insiders will make you your best email copywriter

“I sent out an email with one of your templates last night and I’ve already gotten four replies and a ton of compliments on how awesome this email is – thank you so much!!”

~ Emily R., Speaker & Personal Growth Coach

YOU (yes you!!) can send emails your audience looks forward to reading!

✅ Are actively serving your audience and getting visible in some capacity - through collabs, referrals, social media, podcasting, etc. 

✅ Have genuine excitement for your signature offer and the clients you serve and just need a little support in doing this whole email marketing thing well.

Email Insiders will help you make more sales with email if you …

Sound like you? 

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In my decade+ career as a copywriter, I have seen the power of email marketing done right so many times. But I also know not everyone is at a place (yet!!) where they can hire a copywriter to write emails for them. 

The email templates you get with Email Insiders have helped coaches and course creators fully book their launches and Evergreen offers with best-fit clients.

Email Insiders enters the chat! 

I am on the pulse every single day of what’s working in email marketing as I write for my launch clients. 

>>> For Email Insiders, I take the most effective emails I see and turn them into templates you can easily customize for your business. <<<

These are not generic templates that fall flat or require you to fill in most of the details on your own. I show you exactly what to write and give you prompts for what to say in every fill-in-the-blank. 

Bottom line: 

>>> You’ll start writing better emails (faster!) when you join Email Insiders.<<<

I can’t wait to celebrate your email marketing wins with you! 

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“I scheduled my last email for cart close and am treating myself to an Olipop and some flowers to celebrate that I finished this launch strong!

I just wanted to share this joy with you, and to say thank you for all your help with these incredible templates.”

 ~ Adrianna W., Coach for Caregivers

Curious about what Email Insider templates are really like?

>>> Watch the video below to get a full walk through of Email Insiders and see our templates face to face.<<<

You can also send an email to hello@jennyrothcopywriting.com with the subject line “template sample,” and I’ll gladly forward you a template on-the-house so you can be absolutely sure this is what you’re looking for.  

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Questions about Email Insiders?

I’ve got you! Send your Qs to hello@jennyrothcopywriting.com, and I’ll get back to you asap. In the meantime, you might find the answers you’re looking for here in the FAQs.

What is this?

Email Insiders is yearly access to weekly email newsletter templates and quarterly email sequence templates.

For less than $25/month, you’ll get:

  • Weekly email newsletter templates
  • Quarterly email sequence templates
  • A library of *Bonus* copywriting templates and tutorials, such as sales page and website copy templates
  • Access to all past present and future content (and we have almost two year’s worth already built in!)
  • No hidden, recurring, or additional fees

What's the catch?

Yeesh, not everyone is shady:). There is no catch. 

We have almost two year’s worth of templates already in the membership. When you join, you get access to those plus all future content – we drop a new batch of email newsletter templates at the top of each month and a new email sequence template every quarter.

Join Email Insiders!

How can I know if these templates will work for my business?

The email templates inside this program are best-fit for:

  • Coaches
  • Service providers
  • Online educators
  • Course Creators

Who are … 

Actively serving their audience and getting visible in some capacity - through collabs, referrals, social media, podcasting, etc. 

And have … 

A genuine excitement for their signature offer and the clients they serve. If this is you, Email Insiders is your best bet for taking off in email marketing without having to hire a copywriter. Join Email Insiders!

Can I see an example template?

“These templates are exactly what I was looking for - it is so easy to customize them and make them on-brand for your business and strategy. 

Jenny is extremely thoughtful; if you have a template request she’ll make that email for you. Her templates are so well-written and easy to implement. 

I renewed for a second year because I use the templates every single month and they’ve really helped me grow in confidence and stay super consistent with email marketing.”

~ Jade B., Productivity Coach for Creatives

 Now is the time to jump on the email bandwagon that everyone says is so profitable and amaze-sauce. (It is!)


When you join Email Insiders, you get:

⭐ Instant access to a vault of email newsletter templates - 52+ and counting, plus sequence templates for Black Friday, Launch, Welcome, Abandoned Cart, List Cleaning, and more!

⭐A new email newsletter template every single week (delivered in batches monthly so you can schedule in advance).

⭐A new email sequence template released at the top of every quarter.

⭐Access to our *bonus* vault of copywriting templates to help you craft your website and sales pages.

With Insiders, you'll actually have FUN on Instagram again because, thanks to email, it won’t be your only lead gen and sales platform (so the pressure’s off!).

You’ll have a more engaged and connected audience who actually sees your content, and you’ll serve your clients above and beyond in an email community where they feel welcomed and seen outside the noise of social media.

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