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free sales page copy template

Give your new coaching clients a shout-out, collect market research, and create amazing launch copy with this one simple email

Hey everyone! How are you?

Today, I want to share with you one of the sales emails I always create and send for my copywriting clients when we’re in the middle of their launch for a group or 1:1 program or mastermind.

I call this email the New Client Shout-Out. If anyone reading this is good at naming things, I’d take your ideas on that name:).

With this email, you are going to make your new clients feel so celebrated and special. You’re going to collect some essential market research for your current or next launch.

You’ll also build the hype around your launch and create some really unique and true-to-you launch content.

Here’s how it works –

When you are launching a group, 1:1, or mastermind-type offer and a new clients joins (woohoo!). Send them an email or message that says something like this:

“Hi so-and-so!! I am so excited to work with you inside *offer name*!

I am creating some marketing emails for this coming week for *offer name* and I’m wondering if I can feature you in an email?

I would share your bio, a link to where people can connect with you, and a quick blurb sharing why you joined *offer name*.

If you’re comfortable being featured in an email to my list in this way, please reply with your headshot, quick bio, and the answer to this question: “What are your goals or what are you hoping to achieve by joining *offer name?*”

Your new clients will love being featured. It is a huge community-building opportunity for them because you’re highlighting who they are and what they do and linking to their website or Instagram. It also shows them how excited you are to work with them and proud to have them as a client!

When they respond and say, “Yes! I’d love to be featured!” You’ll take their details and send an email to your list during your current launch with a subject line that says something like:

“Passive income & part-time hours … why Maria join XYZ Offer name”

Inside the email, you’ll say:

I am currently enrolling for XYZ Offer, today I want to share with you one or two or three women who have already signed up for this round so you can see who you’ll be in community with when you join!

Then, you’ll 1-3 of your new clients in the email. Share their name, quick bio, and a sentence that says something like: Maria joined XYZ Offer because she wants to fill in the blank. Whatever goal your new client has for joining, share that here!

At the end of your email, after you’ve highlighted again 1-3 clients, close with a call to action that goes something like: If you see yourself and your goals in the women I highlighted here, join Offer Name! When you join you will fill in your offer promise here.

That’s it! This email is so cool because your subscribers get to see what’s going on in your launch and who’s joining in real-time, making you more of a human in a world full of AI automations:).

You’ll also be gathering some really important market research! As you ask new clients why they joined, you’ll start to see common threads and patterns in their answers.

I just did this exercise for one of my custom copywriting clients and we were just so floored by the responses we got from her new mastermind clients. All of them said they want to leave their full-time job, work part-time hours in their business but make a full-time income, and have a marketing plan that doesn’t rely on social media.

These answers match the messaging we’ve been creating for her launch, so it is so validating to see that it’s resonating and that she’s booking clients who have goals that align with what her offer can help them achieve.

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