Words to welcome your clients with open arms & leave them feeling excited to work with you.


EmaiL, Sales Page, and Website copy for coaches and creative service providers.

We have ʼ90s music … and Pineapple spindrift… and (most importantly) client-centered copy that gets noticed. 

Words to welcome your clients with open arms & leave them feeling excited to work with you.

Words to welcome your clients with open arms & leave them feeling excited to work with you.

  “I could cry reading this. Not because it’s sad. But because you are creating exactly what I wanted when hiring a copywriter.

- Chelsea Giedd, Business And Life Guide

Because more than ‘hat tricks’ that sell anything to just anyone…
You need copy that attracts the right people to your offer.

But let’s kick it up a notch.

Good copy = more money in your Stripe account.

So you can help your clients get the best results possible, feel jazzed about the work you do, and watch as your name gets dropped more times than a toddler spills goldfish crackers on the floor. All day, every day, baby. 

Roger that. Right this way, please! 


Your copy gets noticed by the people you’d love to work with when it's …

  • Anchored in client voice and market research.

  • Infused with your personality and story. ‘Cuz, yes, people still read stuff. They just don’t read boring stuff.

  • Driven by your unique process and perspective. I guarantee your message is unlike anyone else’s in your industry. I’ll help you uncover what that is and get it onto paper for others to see, too.

When your clients click ‘pay invoice’ and feel zero buyer's remorse? 

That’s when you know your copy is pulling its weight.

Rolling up my sleeves. Let’s get to work.

No one has ever captured me so precisely. I literally heard my voice as I read the copy you wrote. My own voice.

I actually cried through a little bit of it. I am blown away. Truly. This is everything I wanted to say but never knew how to say it. You get me and I love you for it.”

- Shea Gibson, Marriage and Motherhood Photographer

My name is Jenny Roth. It’s so wonderful to meet you! 

My approach to crafting words that propel you past your income goals will always be: 

Oh, btw–hi! In case we haven’t met…

Copywriting is 90% processes that work and 10% creative spark.

I’m an email, sales page, and website copywriter who moonlights as a high school cross-country coach, tender of pet chickens and flower gardens, and (my favorite) – mom to three daughters. 

Heavy on client voice. Leaning into the market research, listening, and understanding what your people are saying is step number one. 

Talking to (not at) your readers. This copy is for them, after all. Why make it duller than a lecture hall with no A/C? Eh, no. We’re extremely allergic to boring copy over here.

Proven sales formulas that have been tried, tested, and backed-by-data approved. 


Working on something your clients will love? Let's craft the perfect offer message and spread the word! Oh, and we'll skip the tacky subject lines and dreadfully looooong email stories that make your eyes glaze over, too. Promise!

The DIY website that got you this far has done its job (tips hat). But now? You’re ready for a serious upgrade – the site with your most powerful messaging to date. The one that converts leads and does the heavy lifting of sales for you in the background. 

You have a welcome sequence set up, but now you're lamenting: "Errr my gawsh, I don't want to write *another* email newsletter. Can someone just love, serve, and present offers to my email list for me consistently? Please?!!"



Grow a VIP community of readers who love to hear from you, and treat them like the guest at your party! Wait- did I mention this funnel is set up to present your high-ticket offer and sell it on your behalf? Yep - it does that too!

SELL this stuff launch FUNNEL

Hello to High ticket
Evergreen funnel

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Get Started with Website Copy 

If you’ve made it this far…

Here are a few ways we can work together. 

“I’ve worked with countless writers in my marketing agency career, and Jenny has that hard-to-find, unicorn-like ability to create exceptional brand voice and personality-packed copy and convey the information in an accurate way to the reader. She is an insanely talented writer.” 

- Koree Ritter, Brand Strategy & Marketing Planning Specialist 

 Not Your Mama's Newsletters

 One-time investment of $117  ~lifetime access ~ all past templates and content included

Weekly email newsletter prompts and templates, each with a clear goal, call to action, example, fill-in-the-blank customizable template, and 5 subject line options to choose from. 

Quarterly email sequence templates. (Launch, welcome, Black Friday, etc.)

Also included:

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Happy clients are my middle name.

Actually – it’s Mary. But don’t take my word for it:

"The words you created for my website are reaching my audience and actually capturing their attention.

They match my brand so perfectly and everything is consistent. I attract and book my dream clients because of this!" 

- Patricia Mari - Brand & Website Designer 

You can have impactful sales copy no matter what season of business you’re in ...

Even if you’re not ready to outsource your copywriting just yet.

Here’s how:

Beautiful friend,

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Guesswork? None. Emails, email sequences, sales pages, website pages – you want to write it yourself and have it make you a buck or two (or three) hit the brakes, this is your stop. 


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