Words to welcome your clients with open arms & leave them feeling excited to work with you.

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EmaiL, Sales Page, and Website copy for coaches and creative service providers.

You’re in the right place for engaging email and sales page copy that attracts perfect-fit clients for your offers.

Hi, it’s so wonderful to meet you! I’m Jenny.

Beautiful friend, you absolutely can have sales copy that builds genuine relationships and powerfully market in the most joyful way.

Here's How

Serve your clients above and beyond, just like you would.

Bring forward the value and care that goes into your work.

Create a business built on trust that people love to hear from.

Resonate with clients who are confident investing in you and happy to pass your name on to others. 

When your Copy needs to:

Personally greet every client that steps into your virtual office and make her feel right at home.

Website Copy

Receive more replies in your inbox that say, “Thank you. Your message is just what I needed to hear.”

Email & Sales Page Copy


Done-for-you copywriting services for Coaches & Online service providers

A few of the most talented and genuinely kindhearted business owners I know and who I am so thankful to write for. 

If you have a moment, I’d like you to meet…


"I could literally cry reading this. Not because it's sad, but because you are creating exactly what I am wanting by hiring a writer."

Read Chelsea's Welcome Sequence + Bonus quiz opt-in

Chelsea is a business and life guide, Reiki healer, and NLP coach helping women navigate heavy transitions & career shifts in a purposeful and gentle way. She created a series of free journal prompts as her opt-in and wanted an automated email welcome sequence to go out to her new readers. Her sequence has been sent to just over 400 subscribers with a 40% open and 7% click rate. Reiki sessions on her calendar also fill up consistently at least one month in advance. We also created several Evergreen posts for her social media feed to announce her journal prompts and Reiki services. 

Put your marketing on autopilot


Maddie Peschong, Branding Photographer + Strategist

patricia mari, brand + Website designer

"People love my emails! One person Venmo'd me $10 for coffee because my email spoke to her so much. Others respond to emails telling me this is exactly what they needed to hear at the moment. I feel like I'm connecting with people on such a deeper level, and it still feels SO authentic because Jenny perfectly articulates what is crashing around in my mind and makes sure it sounds like me."

Read Maddie's launch emails 

Maddie Peschong is a branding photographer, strategist, and educator serving creative women and the host of the Take it Personally Podcast (don’t miss it!). Doors to her Mastermind were opening in about six weeks, and she wanted to create a series of emails to welcome in a new round of women. Maddie has been in business for a decade and has an email list with thousands of readers. She was able to book her Mastermind almost entirely through her emails, along with posting about it once on social media and reaching out to those who had expressed interest in the past.

Launch your new offer with ease


Maddie Peschong, Branding Photographer + Strategist

patricia mari, brand + Website designer

"The words you created for my website are reaching my audience and actually capturing their attention. They match my brand so perfectly and everything is consistent. I attract and book my dream clients because of this!"

Read Patricia's Website

Patricia Mari is a fine-art brand and website designer based in Edmonton, AB Canada. (Quick PSA~ if your website is not bringing the right inquiries to your virtual door, contact Patricia. Like, yesterday!). Through her wholehearted brand strategy and design process, Patricia helps creative entrepreneurs (especially moms) express the full value of their work, raise their prices, and elevate their client experience. As a busy mom of two little ones, she is mindful of the tasks in her business that don’t light her up and also take away time she could be spending with her family. Writing is one of these, and it was my honor to create copy for her website so she could check that item off her to-do list and have messaging on her site that reflects her brand and the beautiful ways she helps moms build thriving businesses.  

Focus on doing the work that you love 


Maddie Peschong, Branding Photographer + Strategist

patricia mari, brand + Website designer

Words to carry your business forward.

And serve your clients with high integrity. 

meet your new copywriting bff

It has to sound like you and show how you stand out. It has to resonate deeply with your clients without making them feel rushed, pushed, or tricked into buying. 

Can I just say: I completely agree! 

Copy  that sells without being “salesy” is more than possible for you, beautiful friend! 

So when you know how you want your clients to feel when they interact with your business but need a pro to help you strategize your message and invite them into your offers in just the right way, that’s where I come in.

You’re a creative professional or coach with a heart for encouraging other women. 

Your work lights you up. You love your clients! And you’re ready to grow even more.

The thing is...while you know the words in your emails or sales page have enormous potential to build client relationships...

TBH, you’d rather clean your kitchen with a Q-tip than sit down and write them. 

(Plus, between running a business and living your life, who has the time?!)

Also: You want your copy to be good. Better than good.

Kind words from past clients


Jenny captured exactly what I envisioned my business to be, and she put onto paper exactly what I want others to see in regards to my passion for music. The whole process of working with her was so comfortable and natural, and how my copy turned out was better than I could have imagined.

Emily Engelhart- Wedding Planner & Violinist 

Jenny told my story so well. I’ve had an increase in calls for my services for sure, and I didn’t expect this process to be so easy!

Kelly Pulis, Kelly’s Pet Training

Hiring Jenny was a no-brainer for me. Her ability to provide massive value to my current and future clients while sounding like me was just what I was looking for. I have seen a higher engagement on the content she’s written. She is quick to respond, fun, professional, and she really listens to and captures what I am trying to say.

Jamie Cornish, Branding, Family & Newborn Photographer

The ‘About Me’ page is my favorite. You nailed it! I knew I needed better copy to connect with my ideal client on my website. I’m just so busy and don’t have the time and had no idea where to start. The process of working with Jenny was simple and not overwhelming. She thoughtfully pulled together the copy on my website in a way that is informative and connects with my clients.

Staci Edwards, Interior Designer 

You can have impactful sales copy no matter what season of business you’re in...

Even if you’re not ready to outsource your copywriting just yet.

Here’s how:

Beautiful friend,

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