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free sales page copy template

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free sales page copy template

Three simple shifts every coach and course creator can make to their sales page copy for higher conversions

I have been so lucky to do copywriting reviews on close to 15 sales pages this week! 

Based on these reviews, I’ve found three simple shifts any coach or course creator can make to their sales page copy for higher conversions. Here they are –

  1. Check and see if your headline answers the following: 

Who the offer is for … i.e.: moms of preschoolers

What it is (course, membership, coaching, etc.) … i.e.: 1:1 coaching

What result you deliver … i.e.: end power struggles and meltdowns

How can your reader sign up/join/get started

Here’s a sales page headline to follow: 

             OFFER NAME is WHAT THIS IS for WHO IT’S FOR who want to DESIRED RESULT

Book a Discovery Call 


Book a Discovery Call 

  1. Sprinkle your testimonials throughout your page.

Any time you promise something on your page, i.e.: “I’ll help you end power struggles with your preschooler in just one coaching call!” As often as possible, follow that claim up with a testimonial from a past client backing you up. 

“I loved working with Sue because in just one 30-minute call she showed me how to end power struggles with my three-year-old.”

Take the best part of the testimonial quote and make that sentence your headline in the testimonial section.

  1.  Go into your client’s pain points, but don’t get stuck there for too long.

It is super important to address your client’s pain points on your sales page. This is how you empathize with them and show people that you understand where they’re at.  

But this part of the page does not have to be long or super detailed. 

Challenge yourself to give a headline and three bullet points that call out your client’s key pain points. 

Then, move on to the next section of the page … which shows them how they can solve the pain points:) (woohoo!). T

Shortening up this section will ‘force’ you to narrow down your messaging too – which is always a good thing :).

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PS – I have a free sales page copywriting template. My amazing friend and designer extraordinaire Carly also built a free Showit Design Template to go with it, so you have the copy and the design all-in-one! You can get both for free HERE.

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