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What to say to your email list in January

Four emails you can send to your list this month to increase sales, engagement, and really serve your subscribers!

Hey everyone!

It is January 2 as I write this. My kids are back at school after Christmas break, and it’s my first full day in the office since December 20.

I have mixed feelings about it! On the one hand, it feels good to settle into a routine and be productive again. On the other, Mondays or the first day back to work after a long weekend or break are always hard for me.

The house is quiet. My husband and kids are at work and school. As crazy as it sounds – I really miss them!! I’ve been trying to figure out how to beat these Monday blues. Working with music or even the TV on, or heading to a coffee shop, seems to help … but if you have any suggestions, I am all ears:).

I have a ton of emails to write for my clients and Email Insiders members to kick off this new month, and I am guessing you have some emails to write for your business in January too.

Today, I want to share with you some original, fun, fresh, and effective ideas for emails you can send to your list in January.

These email topics are sooo not what you’re expecting! Case in point: I will not ask you to share your word of the year or any resolutions, pinkie freakin’ promise:).✸

Let’s go!

What to say to your email list in January

📧 Email Topic #1 – What to expect from me in the New Year

Why it works: I love it when I follow someone and they let me know about the workshops, events, launches, and offers they have coming up! It helps me plan and gets me excited about what I’ll learn from them in the coming months.

If you have a new workshop dropping in March – let your readers know about it! If you’re super pumped about a product you’re launching again this year, tell them!

The goal is to share what your audience can expect from you in 2024. Feel free to share business updates and some personal ones as well. Will you be speaking more? What courses or offers are you launching and when? Any fun trips or experiences planned?

Call to action: Every email you send should have a call to action or instructions for what you want your reader to do next.

Close this email by inviting your readers to reply with their 2024 happenings. I also highly recommend adding a PS section with ‘ways we can work together in Q1‘ that shares and links to the paid and free offers you have open for January – March.

📧 Email Topic #2 – What you can stop doing in 2024

Why it works: People love it when you take a task or ‘have to’ off their plate. In this email, you’ll help your readers simplify and let go of things they don’t have to do to see a result. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

‘3 things I’m going to stop doing in 2024 as a social media manager’

‘What you can stop doing in 2024 to find clients’

‘I’ve told all my clients to stop doing THIS’

‘Stop doing this to make money in 2024’

Get the idea? The goal is to share one or a few things your audience can stop doing as it relates to your niche. Bonus points if you include what they should be doing instead!

Call to action: Close this email with an invitation to work with you. You can say something like: “If you’re ready to fully book your wedding planning business without using social media, click HERE to book a free discovery call. On this call, I’ll we’ll create a custom strategy for the lead gen of your business, and I’ll share some ways we can work together to put that strategy into action.”

📧 Email Topic #3 – Free Gift or Freebie Friday (lead magnet swap or client feature)

Why it works: Lead magnet swaps are one of my favorite ways ever to grow my list and meet new colleagues. It’s easy! You share someone’s lead magnet with your list, and at the same time, they share YOUR lead magnet with their list.

Alternatively, you can use this Free Gift Friday email to feature one of your clients and their lead magnet. This is a wicked cool way to highlight what you do and the people you work with. 

One of my custom copywriting clients recently sent an email filled with lead magnets from all the women who came to her free online mixer. I mean, tell me you value relationships and community without telling me you value relationships and community!!:). 

This is an email you can send not just in January but throughout the entire year!

Call to Action:  Invite readers to consume the lead magnet or freebie you’re sharing and to partner with you in this type of collaboration if they’d like. In your PS section, you can say something like: “PS – This email is part of a new lead magnet swap collaboration series! If you’d love to partner with me in this way, reply to this message, and we’ll start the conversation!”

📧 Email Topic #4 – January Wins and Learns (A Monthly Recap)

Why it works: In this email, you’ll share your ‘wins’ and ‘learns’ from January. It’s a quick recap of your achievements and lessons. Go ahead and include business and personal wins/learns if it feels right.

Your audience will love this email because they get a behind-the-scenes look at your business and life. Business is personal, and this email absolutely builds your personal brand. It will make you relatable and real to your subscribers … plus, it’s fun to write:)! Who doesn’t love looking back and recapping the last 30 days?

Add this monthly recap email into your rotation every month. Your readers will look forward to it.

Call to Action:  Invite readers to reply to your email with their wins and learns from January. I also recommend you include a PS section with a list of ways people can work with you (free resources or paid) in February/March.

That’s it! You now have FOUR incredible emails you can send to your list in January.

I created a template for each of the email topics mentioned here for my Email Insiders members. These templates show you exactly how to write each of these emails. You get five subject line options to choose from for each and a full plug-and-go template that guides you through writing the email. Simply plug in your business details where I give you a blank, and your email is DONE.

We also release a new email sequence template every quarter for Email Insiders members and this quarter we dropped a Free Masterclass/Webinar/Training Invite sequence.

This is a series of FOUR emails you can send to your list to invite them to an upcoming free event. I use this sequence for my custom copywriting clients and it always FILLS the seats for their events without being pushy.

You can get this Free Masterclass/Webinar/Training Invite Sequence template plus templates for the four January email newsletters mentioned here when you join Email Insiders. It is just $79 for yearly access. When you join, you get a batch of four email newsletter templates each month and a new sequence each quarter.

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