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Positive Performance & Mindset Coaching Program for Girl Athletes Doubles Launch Revenue with Copy Support from JRC

Project: Full Launch Copy for a group coaching program/course

Client: The Elite Mental Game, founded by Kristina & Breanne S.

“We were able to earn 3x our ad spend and 2x our earnings from our previous launch!!”

~ Kristina and Breanne, The Elite Mental Game

The Client

Kristina and Breanne have built the most uplifting and impactful space for sports moms and athlete daughters. 

Their program, The Elite Mental Game, is two programs in one. First, they show female athletes how to reach their performance goals by overcoming the mindset challenges that hold them back… like fear of failure, perfectionism, and comparing themselves to others. 

EMG is SO positive for girls in sports because they discover how anything they go through in their sport is normal and gain real tools to believe in themselves and play like it every time they compete.

At the same time, EMG gives moms the playbook for being a sports parent! Moms leave this program knowing how to create the best environment and mother-daughter relationship possible for their girl. They also get invaluable tools on what to say and do before, during, and after competitions, so they’re always building confidence in their athlete. 

If you’re a mom with a daughter who plays sports, I cannot recommend Kristina and Breanne’s Elite Mental Game program enough. (And I’m speaking from personal experience!! I went through EMG myself and use their coaching program for my high school cross country athletes.)

The Challenge

Kristina and Breanne are always so giving to their community – especially during launches with multiple live webinars, events, and tons of hands-on engagement to answer questions. 

They were also just finishing up a full rebrand just before this launch.

All these moving parts … a launch and a rebrand … require a lot of copy! 

The challenge was updating their copy and messaging to match their new brand.

We also wanted to make sure their landing pages, emails, and sales pages were optimized to convert at a higher percentage. The goal was to create copy they could depend on to work so they could repurpose it for future launches.

The Solution

JRC first updated the sales page for EMG. Like any offer that sells via a sales page, getting this copy asset as good as it can be is the cornerstone of an excellent launch.

After we had the sales page and messaging all set, we spent about three weeks writing pre-launch nurture emails to EMG’s existing email list. These emails described how each feature of the program could help the moms/daughters achieve a result they wanted and spoke to any hesitations/doubts they might have before joining.

Our emails got sign-ups for the upcoming webinars and also built excitement around the EMG launch. We wanted moms to be READY to join on cart open day (versus just hearing about the program being open for the first time).

When the cart officially opened, we then released a full launch sequence of emails for about two weeks. These emails shared case studies, overcame objections, and answered questions.

In addition, JRC also created new webinar registration and thank you page copy, affiliate email templates, webinar show-up email sequences, a new freebie, and Facebook ad copy for EMG, as well as launch strategy & support.

The Results

I absolutely loved writing this project and learned so much about all the ways you can serve an audience extremely well during a launch from watching Kristina and Breanne do just this.

Some big wins from this launch include:

👉EMG doubled their revenue from their previous launch (achieving a high six-figure launch!!)

👉They were able to make 3x their ad spend.

👉They achieved a higher conversion rate on their webinars than previous launches.

👉Their webinar landing page (which they were able to repurpose and now run on Evergreen) converts at a higher percentage than it was previously. This is a massive win when you’re running ads to a page and you want it converting as high as possible.

👉 They now have email, landing and thank you page, and sales page copy that they can repurpose for future launches!!

Things that worked in this launch

🌟Updating the sales page – If you drive all your traffic to a sales page during a launch, that page has got to bring.the.heat:). It has to be written exactly for your reader.

This is the LAST thing they see before they purchase, so this page has a big job. It has to ensure your clients feel seen, understood, and confident in their decision to trust you to help them.

Kristina, Breanne, and I took a lot of time to understand the moms and daughters who would read their sales page so we could create something that answered all their questions and showed how EMG stood apart and could make a difference for them. Click HERE to see how their sales page turned out!

🌟 An intentional Pre-launch phase – In past launches, EMG got webinar sign-ups a few weeks before the webinar but didn’t talk much about the program between the two dates. In this launch, we sent 3-4x weekly emails to their list talking about the webinar and the program and building hype for the upcoming cart open period. The result was higher conversions on the webinars! Buyers weren’t just showing up … they were showing up ready to join. 💪

🌟 Client voice research – Kristina and Breanne know their audience incredibly well. They’ve taken the time to hear the moms and daughters they support and are constantly updating their program so it’s the best it can be.  We were able to comb through all their data and build messaging that spoke to what the moms and daughters were really hoping to achieve by joining.

🌟 Overcoming hesitations head-on – We knew the biggest hesitations for moms to join EMG were finances, time, and not being able to get their daughter on board. We made sure to specifically address all of these things on the sales page and in multiple emails. We even created a new freebie that gave moms conversation starters they could use to present EMG to their daughters! So instead of just *convincing* them this program was the right thing … we actually gave them TOOLS to help them get the best results when joining.

🌟 Sharing past client wins – We highlighted so many moms and daughters who have seen success in EMG throughout our emails and sales page copy for this launch. I firmly and completely believe this is the best way to show your audience your work in action.

Copy Snippet

The following is a copy snippet from EMG’s sales page:

It’s so hard to see her not playing at her fullest potential because … 

You believe in your daughter so much. 

You know that if she could just get out of her own head and stop doubting herself,  she could be one of the best athletes out there! 

And … more than that:

You want your daughter to be happy. 

You want her to love her sport and enjoy her time as an athlete. To become resilient in the face of anything life throws at her outside of sports, too (school work, relationships. etc!).  

Not to mention …

You want to have a close relationship with your athlete daughter.

Where she can always trust that no matter what she’s going through in her sport, she can come to you for the right words, guidance, encouragement, and support.  

So you can skip the usual post-game drama … (hang in there, Mom!) 

… and instead talk, laugh, and make life-long memories during those post-competition car rides home together. 

Sound amazing? We agree!!

There’s just one small  eh em  … ENORMOUS … hurdle (figurative hurdle!) standing in your way: 

How will you encourage your daughter to play her best without adding more pressure or saying the wrong things and pushing her away? 

Work with JRC and achieve your best launch yet!

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