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Business Mindset + Manifestation Coach Achieves a $30k Group Program Launch with Copy Support from JRC

Project: Email Launch Campaign & Sales Page

Client: Tracey Jazmin

“Nine out of the 11 spots in my group program were filled from the emails Jenny created for my launch.

One of my clients said my sales page was exactly who she was ~ through and through!!

Working with Jenny was streamlined and simple from start to finish. She asked a lot of thought-provoking questions which allowed me to speak to my ideal clients with ease.”

~ Tracey Jazmin, Business Mindset + Manifestation Coach

The Client

Tracey is all at once a force and bright light of what’s possible in entrepreneurship.

Anytime you’re in the same room (or Zoom call!) as her, you’ll leave with 10x more confidence in your abilities, more trust than ever in your intuition, and the best clarity on what direction to take your creative business next ~ so you can grow your income and impact in a way that works for you.

The Challenge

Tracey was ready to enroll students into her group coaching program for the second time. She wanted to include an email campaign and sales page in her launch strategy this time around to ease some of the pressure of showing up constantly and selling only through social media.

Tracey is a beautiful writer. (For real – go to her Instagram page and read her posts ~ they are soooo good!). The challenge was that writing emails took her a lot of time, and she didn’t want to spend her energy there. She was also unsure of how many emails to send and what to say in each.

I was so excited to work with Tracey because she also wanted to be very mindful of taking excellent care of her email audience throughout this launch. This meant sending only truly valuable and resonating emails and making sure people could opt out of the launch, but still remain on her list.

She also didn’t have a sales page for her program and wanted to create one that she could use to enroll clients into this launch and into future cohorts.

The goal was for this sales page to add an extra layer to her already incredible client experience. Potential students could now read all about the program and understand if it was the best fit for them even before hopping on a call with her.

The Solution

JRC first created a sales page for Tracey’s program. Writing the sales page first allowed us to get every piece of her messaging on point before jumping into the email campaign. We recommend doing your sales page first to every one of our clients.

Tracey’s sales page felt like the best, most true representation of her group program. With her messaging completely aligned, it was time to dive into her emails! JRC crafted a 14-part email launch campaign to announce, sell, and close Tracey’s launch.

Having this pre-scheduled launch campaign was a relief because she knew emails were going out in the backend while she was also selling on social and having conversations elsewhere.

The Results

I could have popped all the champagne in the world when Tracey let us know her launch stats:

👉She filled 11 spots in her program!! (The original goal was 10!) 9 out of the 11 new clients came from her new email launch sequence.

👉She had an average email open rate of 56%-65% with click rates in the 3%-6% range! Booyah!!💪

👉Client love stat: One woman who joined the program shared that the sales page was exactly who she was through and through. She felt as if it was written about her. #win!!!

Things that worked in this launch

Market research – we did so much market research before writing began. We especially looked at the intake and exit forms her previous clients had filled out. That way, we could really see what they wanted by working with Tracey and what they achieved after being in her program, and weave that together into some powerful sales messaging!

Tracey is wonderful to her audience, always. She is active in the communities she joins online and off, and it shows. Her following has such a high level of knowing and trust in her. This made launching feel so effortless because there wasn’t a question about who she was and the quality of work she delivered in her potential clients’ minds.

Tracey knew exactly who she wanted to work with and how her program would help this ideal client, and we worked our butts off to tailor her copy to fit exactly this person. She was hands-on in making sure every word spoke to her clients and would be purposeful for them.

A killer sales page!!! We focused so much effort in creating a robust sales page that her clients would love to read and follow. We wrote it exactly for them.

Copy Snippet

The following is a snippet from Tracey’s sales page copy:

Cultivate unshakable confidence in your abilities as a creative entrepreneur and a step-by-step action plan to grow your business.

So you can attract your ideal audience on social media, achieve your biggest goals, and have an organized schedule that supports the lifestyle you crave.

Heck yes! Tell me more.

Creative entrepreneurs who feel stuck.

Coming up with a game plan to grow your business and figuring out what your next move should be can seem overwhelming, I know. Especially when most days feel like total chaos!

This might sound familiar...

Even when you’re gaining momentum, things are always hectic. You can’t seem to catch up or find enough time for everything you want to do. Something has to change, but what?

You’re “busy,” but you’re not earning the income you want to make. So you say yes to every opportunity that comes your way, even if it’s not the best fit.

When you show up to market your business on Instagram, you’re flooded with self-doubt. Second-guessing everything you say. Comparing yourself to others. Getting your name out there feels impossible.

Anytime something goes wrong in your business, you doubt yourself and wonder if you’re really qualified for this. You often think: Maybe it’s just not possible for my business to grow right now.

You want more for your business and your life. More time. More money. More freedom. But you’re so swamped trying to juggle all the things that you don’t even know what this “more” actually looks like, let alone have a plan to get you there.

I totally get it. And trust me when I say I’ve been there (so many times!).

But here’s the truth:

You already have the ability to take your creative business to the next level, even if you don’t feel like you do (yet!).

Together, we’ll help you gain clarity around where you want your business to go, develop a step-by-step action plan for achieving your goals, and build up your courage to finally stop playing small. Then, guess what?

Your business will flourish. And so will you.

You’ll have a clear vision for what you want to do with your business going forward and a step-by-step action plan for how you’re going to make it happen.

Your days will flow smoothly. You’ll feel organized, balanced, and in complete control of your time, knowing you’re doing the right things to move the needle forward and still have plenty of energy left over to enjoy your family, friends, and free time.

You’ll fall in love (again) with what you do. You’ll finally have a schedule, systems, processes, and clear boundaries in place, so your business is lit up with clients, projects, and customers that make your heart sing.

You’ll believe in yourself and what you bring to the table, and inspire others to do the same.

You’ll show up with confidence every day, sharing your work with ease, attracting dream clients and opportunities, charging more, and watching your income and sales double or even triple.

Yes! I want all these things.

Work with JRC and achieve your best launch yet!

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