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Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach Enrolls Best-Fit Clients into Group Coaching Offer.

Project: Email Launch Campaign, Sales Page, and Social Media Captions

Client: Rita Roushdy, Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach

“Clients have joined my program and said, ‘Your sales page feels like it was written exactly about me!! It’s like you’re speaking directly to me and everything I’ve been wanting.”

~ Rita Roushdy, Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach

The Client

Rita Roushdy is an incredibly caring and gifted money mindset coach, but she is more than that to me –– she is a money healer.

She works so closely and deeply with her clients to help them heal their past traumas and unhealthy relationships with money, so they can earn consistent five-figure months and feel safe and secure in their finances.

Real talk: Becoming a business owner requires us to leave behind a steady paycheck, which can be incredibly scary!

Rita helps her clients earn predictable income, pay off debt, save, travel, feel abundant, and pay their bills while still having enough left over for *fun.*

I learned so much working with her about the subconscious mind, the power of our beliefs, how to manage finances, and what it really takes to earn consistent five-figure months and feel worthy of this level of income.

The Challenge

Rita had been helping her 1:1 clients see amazing results, and she was ready to take her knowledge and create a group coaching offer to help even more women coaches earn predictable income.

This would require launching a new offer to her audience (woohoo!).

Rita is a heartfelt and talented copywriter for her business. Her Instagram audience loves her content. But between building her group offer and serving her 1:1 clients, she felt ready to hand some of the copywriting work off to someone who knew the ins and outs of creating a sales page and a successful email launch campaign.

The Solution

JRC partnered with Rita to create an email launch campaign and sales page for her new group coaching offer. We also created the social media content for her entire launch (which was repurposed from her emails).

Since Rita loves going Live and talking with her audience, her launch included emails promoting a Free 3-Day Money Attraction Formula Challenge that she hosted on Instagram to open her launch.

We started first with an offer messaging intensive where we got super clear on Rita’s messaging, ideal client, offer promise, and sales angles. Next, we wrote the sales page for the offer and then her custom email launch campaign.

We built a launch plan around Rita’s strengths of hosting challenges, teaching, and speaking so she could show up and *enjoy* her launch. She focused on the parts she loved doing while her social media, email, and sales page copy worked for her in the background.

The Results

This was an incredible first launch!

The clients who signed up for Rita’s offer were all 100% aligned clients. They signed up fully trusting her and feeling so excited to work with her.

Her new clients felt confident they had chosen the right coach at the right time in their journey. Because of this, they are moving forward with wonderful success in Rita’s program, and she is able to feel confident coaching them.

This is such a huge launch win at JRC!

We believe it’s so important to not just fill your offers but fill them with the *right* clients – people you are pumped to work with and who you know you can support to get the best results.

This launch called in Rita’s best-fit clients, which lets us know that her messaging was spot on. (woohoo!)

Things that worked in this launch

We built the launch around Rita’s strengths and how she enjoyed launching. She loves hosting challenges going Live on Instagram, so we incorporated both of those things into her strategy. Your energy during your launch matters so much! Your audience can feel it when you as the business owner are having fun :).

The messaging was soooo, so, so good.

Rita had a solid, measurable offer promise: Earn consistent five-figure months in your coaching business. Her offer did so much more than that (heal money trauma, help you feel secure in your finances, rewire subconscious beliefs that hold you back) but we sold the tangible offer promise, and the rest was icing on the cake!

Rita reached out personally to clients who she thought would be a good fit for this offer.

Rita’s messaging stood out – she has a unique process of working with clients and is a thought leader in her industry who is not afraid to reframe her client’s beliefs and show them what’s possible.

Her sales page was literally FIRE ~ her clients commented that it felt like it was written exactly for them.

Market research! JRC did so much market research to create client voice-infused copy for this sales page and email campaign so Rita’s words really resonated with her audience.

Copy Snippet

The following is a snippet from Rita’s sales page crafted by JRC:

Generate consistent five-figure months and feel financially secure in your coaching business. 

So you can release the constant worry over having enough money, confidently charge higher prices, and truly enjoy an abundant, reliable income. 

That sounds amazing! Tell me more.  

Section 2 ______________________________________________________________________

Attention: Established coaches with a portfolio full of testimonials from happy clients. 

You’ve got the experience, the marketing strategy, and the proven offer…

But you’re still not earning a predictable income or feeling safe in your finances from month to month.

And you’re wondering: What is up with that?! You know you’re meant to do this work. You love helping your clients and making a big, lifelong impact on others. You’re doing all the right things…

There’s just one small  eh em….ENORMOUS…problem: 

Section 3 ______________________________________________________________________

You’re worried that your coaching business will never feel financially secure.

And this worry? It’s literally worse than your middle-school haircut.

It’s always there; it affects everything you do. Your energy. The trust you have in yourself. Your confidence. How you feel when you show up online and compare yourself to other coaches. 

Trust me when I say I’ve been there (awkward haircut and all!). 

It doesn’t make sense because you’ve checked all the boxes:

✔Invested in your own coaching.

✔Refined your content.

✔Perfected your client experience. 

✔Implemented affirmations and mindset work into your daily routine. 

And yet…

  • You reach your income goal one month, only to have it significantly decrease the next. #$%&!! Why can other coaches achieve success (they’re living in Bali! buying homes!)…but I can’t?
  • You make enough to cover your living expenses, but rarely have extra to spend on adventures with your loved ones or a day off for yourself. And when you do splurge? There’s always that little voice on your shoulder: Are you sure you want to spend that much? What if your finances take a dip next month? ← Music off; party over. 
  • You want to earn more, so you do more. Add more to your programs. Take on more clients. But it never quite adds up to the financial freedom you’re craving. 
  • The thought of hiring a team or outsourcing feels anxious and unsettling. What if the money stops coming in? How will I be able to pay them? 

I understand where you’re coming from.  And I know you’ve been working around the clock to figure this all out. 

Section 4 ______________________________________________________________________

       Here’s the piece you’ve been missing:

      Marketing strategy, content, and mindset work are essential to your success as a coach.

                        Your subconscious belief system is 95% responsible for your reality.

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