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Business & Life Coach Makes $17k in Beta Launch with Help from JRC

Project: Email Launch Campaign

Client: Tay Daniels, Business & Life Coach

“The emails Jenny wrote for my launch were so FREAKIN’ good! Our click and open rates were amazing; and the women who enrolled into the program are the exact best-fit clients I was hoping to serve with this offer. I felt like the content we put out for this launch was so intentional and client-centered. It made our sales conversations go so smoothly!”

~ Tay Daniels, Business & Life Coach

The Client

Tay is an incredible business and life coach helping women heal from past traumas to work less and still make 6-6+ figures. (Sign me up though!!)

I have always loved Tay’s mission. She helps women become Breadwinners and build killer offers that align with the money they want to make, the schedule they want to work, and the clients they hope to serve.

Tay is one of the most caring and hands-on coaches you will ever work with. She is truly invested in your success. The support and success her clients receive inside her coaching containers are for real the best I’ve seen in the coaching industry.

The Challenge

Through her experience coaching inside her signature Mastermind, The Breadwinner Energy Academy, Tay realized that one of her biggest strengths is helping women in business build heck yes coaching offers and selling those offers.

To help even more women become coaches (even before they’re ready to invest in larger Masterminds or 1:2:1 coaching), Tay developed a new program called Group Coach Energy School.

GCES is for new or aspiring coaches who want to create their first group coaching program. Tay’s heart is that coaching changes lives – so why not support even more integrity-led coaches to get their businesses running and help even more women succeed?

GCES was a totally new offer for Tay’s audience, so we knew this launch would require excellent content and seriously on-point messaging to take off!

Tay had been writing to her email list almost every day for almost a year, but with a new baby, any time she could get back was a win.

Plus, since this offer was new, her audience had more questions and needed more time to get to know the program than usual … which means Tay needed more emails – and really forking *good* emails – to make sales.

The Solution

JRC supported Tay with custom email copy & strategy during the ‘pre-launch’ phase and a full email launch campaign during the ‘cart open’ period.

The pre-launch phase was essential in gauging her audience, how they responded to the offer and messaging, what questions they had, etc.

We always had emails prescheduled in advance, but Tay & I also worked closely together in real-time throughout the entire launch.

When new client objections or questions landed in her DMs, we quickly crafted emails that supported her audience and gave them all the information they needed to make a buying decision around GCES.

Tay repurposed all of her emails into Instagram Story and Feed content – saving her even more time on content creation and getting more eyes on her offer.

Along with emails, we clarified the messaging around GCES and created a truly awesome offer promise:

When you join GCES, you’ll build an elite group coaching offer that gives your clients incredible wins and generates recurring revenue for your business within six months. 

The Results

These Beta launch results are so freaking good!!

The launch earned $17k in a matter of three weeks. This was for a $2500 offer (no sales calls); again, this offer was completely new for her audience. Win!!!!

We also did surveys with her new clients asking why they joined GCES.

A huge win for this launch is that every new client was soooo excited to work with Tay.

They trusted her already! They knew they would get results working with her. They were ready to commit to the offer and see wins. The client base she welcomed into the launch was the *right* client base!

Another win from this launch is that Tay now has a TON of email content she can repurpose for next time and crystal clear messaging for this offer.

Things that worked in this launch

Personal DM reach outs to the women who were reading and clicking her email/IG content crafted by JRC.

Emailing 2 -3x/day and more on cart close day – this worked for Tay’s list as they were used to receiving a volume of emails from her and since the offer was Beta we had a lot to cover!

Getting very clear and confident in a HECK YES offer promise and always, always selling that promise.

Answering questions and objections in the email copy as they came forward – this made the launch feel less automated and more real-time/customer-service orientated.

Showcasing lots of past client wins and case studies that reflected the offer promise of the program.

Highlighting new clients in emails who joined during the launch to keep the momentum going.

Copy Snippet

The following is an email JRC crafted for Tay’s launch:

Subject: “How long will it take to build my offer in NCES?”

Preview: For my ladies who don’t have time to waste!


We move fast inside Group Coach Energy School. 

Within the first month of joining, you’ll have built your first group coaching offer. 

Your offer will be unlike anything else that’s out there in your niche. It will be incredibly aligned with your vision – for the schedule you want to work,  the clients you want to serve, and the income you want to make.

Not only that, but your offer will also feel like a giant heck-yes, sign-me-up-yesterday gift to the clients you support. 

This is the type of offer you’ll build within one month of joining GCES.

After that, we’ll help you market and sell this offer – over and over again – creating a predictable and consistent sales routine that generates recurring revenue for your business within six months. 

We move fast because our students are busy moms, wives, corporate professionals, and business owners.

We know that any time you spend away from your family or job to work on your business has to count, so we make it count. We do not let you take weeks or months to decide what’s next or move forward.

Instead, we’ll move you forward quickly and strategically, so you can start earning money and creating the life-priority business you crave with a group coaching offer that serves others and sells. 

Click HERE to join Group Coach Energy School.

In this program, you’ll build an elite group coaching offer that generates recurring revenue within six months. No previous coaching experience required!

Enrollment closes June 21. We start June 22. Get started by clicking HERE.


PS – Enrollment for GCES closes this Wednesday, June 21. We start June 22! This program is the fastest, most time-efficient, most cost-effective way to build a group coaching offer that totally aligns with the income you want to make, the lifestyle you want to live, and the clients you want to work with. Click HERE to get started. 

PPS –  If you have any questions about GCES and whether it’s a good fit for you, reply to this email or send me a DM on Instagram. I would love to hear more about you, your business, and the coaching offer you hope to create.

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