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 7 Newsletter Ideas for Service Providers


On Episode #27 of Above The Bar Copy Podcast, I shared 7 newsletter ideas for Service Providers to share with their email list that will add more heart, personality, and authority to their email marketing.

Do you ever feel like you’re reinventing the wheel every time you write to your list? (Good news is, you’re not alone 🙋🏻‍♀️) I have a solution for you, friend! Adding a regular series to your newsletter rotation is the best way to streamline your email marketing game, uncover the purpose of your list, and get real stats on what your subscribers want to read.

Newsletter Ideas for Service Providers

7 Newsletter Ideas (Save these for later!)

  1. Dear ____ [your ideal client] or Letters to _____ [your ideal client] series. I.e.: Dear Female Founder or Letters to Creative Entrepreneurs.
  2. A “Dear Abby” or Q & A column with you.
  3. 100 ____ [peers/colleagues/mentors] You Should Know. I..e: 100 Influential Women You Should Know … a series that highlights women in business you admire. 
  4. Meet my ____ [people in your inner circle who are helping you, i.e.: Meet my team, meet my coaches, meet the contractors I trust, etc.] 
  5. Become the go-to newsletter for one topic in your niche and create a weekly vibe as the authority in this space i.e.: Sustainable Sundays: Business Practices for Sustainability.
  6. Stuff your love or “Currently” lists, featuring the books, podcasts, shows, and stuff you love right now.
  7. _____ [topic] advice you don’t have to pay a _____ [your niche for]. Example: Legal advice you don’t have to pay a lawyer for. Use this email as a way to give your audience quick tips and wins that they’ll appreciate. 

Looking for more Newsletter Ideas?!

These are only seven newsletter ideas for service providers that are working really well for members inside my exclusive membership Not Your Mama’s Newsletters. There’s SO much more where this comes from!

Not Your Mama’s Newsletters is an $8/month membership for coaches and service providers who want to write an engaging, sales-driven email newsletter in 20 minutes or less every week. Every Monday, members get a unique email newsletter template plus instructions on customizing it for your business. Just plug your copy into the fillable blanks inside your template, add your signature, and Boom – your newsletter is out the door! Sign up today (p.s. you get all the previous templates, too 🎉)!

Looking to work 1-1 with a copywriter who speaks directly to your clients through emails, funnels, and more? Reach out HERE, and I’d love to chat more!

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