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How to Create Content for SEO with Nina Gibson


I’m so excited to share with you today exactly how to create content for SEO.  Are you tired of chasing after leads by posting all about your client’s ‘pain points’ and struggles on social media … all while *hoping* they find you and are looking for what you have to say? There’s a better way to organically market your business. One that bridges the gap between what you do and the people who are out there looking for that service, right now. And it’s called: SEO marketing. This will not only allow you to rank higher (winning!), but also ensure you are creating content you *know* your clients want to read! We discuss all the things on episode #26 of Above The Bar Copy with SEO expert Nina Gibson!

How to Create Content for SEO
SEO Expert, Nina Gibson

About Nina

Nina Gibson is a digital marketer with almost 15 years of experience elevating brands and their content (aka the SEO expert). She helps business owners unlock their website’s full SEO potential by creating holistic SEO strategies to grow their brands online.

What is SEO?

Don’t freak out at the word SEO. It’s actually nowhere near as complicated as you might think.  SEO stands for search engine optimization. What does that even mean?! It is actually quite simple to implement successfully, track, and measure for effectiveness.  It’s a key component to any marketing plan if you want to create content that actually matches the questions your readers are asking. SEO can be fun, and most importantly extremely invaluable to your brand. Trends will come and go. SEO will stand the test of time if optimized correctly. 

Above The Bar Copy

In Episode #26 of Above The Bar Copy, Creating content you *know* your clients want to read, with SEO expert Nina Gibson, Nina shares:

  • What is an SEO marketing plan
  • How you can start ranking higher in search engines today
  • Straightforward tips for infusing SEO into your content that you can do even if you want to avoid all the ‘tech stuff’ of SEO
  • How to measure if your SEO marketing is really working
  • How to create less content but better content that goes further, reaches more people, and solves real problems that real people are asking

Nina dives deep into how you can start better optimizing SEO in your business today! You can check out the full episode HERE

Episode #26 of Above the Bar Podcast | Creating content you *know* your clients want to read, with SEO expert Nina Gibson

SEO Tools and Resources

In the podcast episode, Nina also shares a few SEO tools and resources that are extremely valuable for your business! If you’re looking to create content for SEO, you can download Nina’s Free Nitty Gritty SEO Starter Checklist here! A few other SEO tools you should stash away in your biz toolkit are Ubersuggest Chrome Extension,, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics.

Lastly, don’t forget you can win a copy audit giveaway by leaving a 5-star positive review on Above The Bar Podcast and email me at with a screenshot of that review. Winners are drawn monthly, and your name will stay entered until you win!

Looking to work with an expert copywriter 1-1 to create content with SEO in mind? You can take the next step here!

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