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Portfolio Piece featuring Strategic Marketing Consultant & Project Planning Specialist, Koree Ritter of Ritter Consulting, LLC.

If you are …

Constantly launching your marketing projects at the last minute.

Wishing that your team could just read your mind!!

Always pushing deadlines back.

Wondering which of your ideas you should pursue next …

You need Koree!

The Client

Words from her copy

Koree was looking to create two email funnels, each leading to a signature, Evergreen 1:1 offer.

In her words … “I knew that if I sat down to write the copy myself, I would end up stalling out. I would overthink it and get stuck in an endless loop of writing, editing, starting over, etc. And I knew it would end up getting so frustrating and time-consuming, that it would affect my ability to lead my business.”

Here are a few snippets from Koree’s email copy:

The Results

After 100 new leads went through Koree’s funnels, we went back in to check the metrics, see how they were performing, and make a few quick copy adjustments to optimize them even further. This service of testing and adjusting copy is included in all my funnel projects.

Here’s what happened:

The Testimonial

The part that makes my job the literal best is reading words like this from my clients:

Now booking Evergreen Email Funnel Copywriting Projects!

To learn more about outsourcing the copy for your Evergreen email sequence/funnel, click here.

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