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Launch Copy for a Group Coaching Program

I had a blast working with Money Mindset + Manifestation Coach, Rita Roushdy, to write the launch copy for her group coaching program, Freedom Confidence Money. I am so excited to share more about her project in this post.


Rita Roushdy will change your life.

And by change your life, I mean change the unpredictable, out-of-sync relationship you have with your money … to one where you feel safe, secure, and confident in your finances amidst the uncertain world of entrepreneurship. 

Besides showing you how to earn consistent five-figure months in your coaching business, Rita will teach you so much about:

Cultivating a healthy relationship with money. 

Feeling safe and secure with yourself (and your money).

Noticing and overcoming the limiting beliefs that fuel those money habits that do not serve your best interest …(overspending, checking your bank account constantly!) …  and what you can do instead. 

If you’ve hit an income goal and thought: “This month was great … but what if the money stops coming in?!” Or … “That was a fluke, I’ll never earn that much next month!” Or … “Shit, I just made a lot of money, I better save it all just in case next month is terrible.” 

Go learn from Rita. Go. Go go go. She will help you uncover and replace the deep subconscious beliefs that are keeping you from earning five-figure months and blocking you from creating a business that can actually hold all the money you desire. 


Rita brought me on to write the sales page, email launch sequence, and social media captions for the launch of her group coaching program, Freedom Confidence Money. 

We were able to do a few important things:

  • Get super clear on Rita’s ideal client for this program.  What this person is saying to themselves. What thoughts and doubts run through their mind regarding their finances. And how Freedom Confidence Money can really step in to support them.
  • Create a tangible, incredible offer promise: Generate consistent 5-figure months and feel safe in your finances as a coach. 
  • Highlight Ritas’ unique story, process, and the experience she delivers to her clients.
  • Take away any ‘mystery’ around working deeper into your money mindset. We covered the signs this program would be for you,  what it can help you achieve, how it works, and the past accomplishments and challenges Rita’s clients have had that would make them ready for her container/offer. 
  • Map out and write a clear launch plan – from challenge webinar to announcing the offer to doors closed! 


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Launch Copywriting, Website Copywriting


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