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Summit Host: “Does anyone have any questions to ask our copywriter?” 

Me (spoken in my head, not out loud – I hope): “Cool it, sweaty-pits. You prepped for this Q & A for hours. You have your notes right in front of you. You’ve got this.” 

Someone raises their virtual hand with a question. I almost faint. 

“I’m curious about the process of working with a copywriter. What’s that like?” 

Well choke me on a piece of humble pie. 

Here I was, thinking I had to show up as ‘the best copywriter in the world!’ The one who ‘knows all the answers to all the copy questions ever asked!’ 

I’m ready to teach a Ph.D. in copywriting, and all my client really wants to know is what’s the process of working with me.  


You guys, we overcomplicate the shit out of everything!!

We’re out here giving TedTalks in our industry, killing ourselves creating free content, and dissecting our brains to find thought-leader ideas.  

Meanwhile, our clients are quietly raising their hands like: “Hi! I already know I may need a  designer/coach/copywriter/photographer/VA…so how can I hire you and what’s the process like to work together?” 

Because it’s not what you do, but how YOU do it that matters. 💛 

Want to share more about your client process this week?  Include it on your website’s services page (here’s mine for an example!), share about it on social media, or create a blog post or podcast episode (or two) sharin’ all about it.  

Make it as client-focused as possible. 

Think: “After you fill out an application to work with me, you’ll get an email from my team within 24 hours to set up your consult.” 

Instead of: “After we receive your application, we’ll review it and get back to you within 24 hours about setting up a consult.” 

Your process is your gold.  Share it. (‘cuz who doesn’t love gold 😆🥰).

And, in the spirit of taking my own advice, I’ll just go ahead and share my process with you right meow. (you saw that coming, didn’t you?) 🙂

The process of working with a copywriter


When you fill out an application to book a free consultation with me, we’ll spend 20-30 minutes chatting all about your copy project and your goals. I also give super-busy folks the chance to skip this discovery call and reserve their project date on my calendar right away by clicking here.


After we’ve made it official by signing contracts and securing your spot on my calendar with a deposit, I’ll send you a brand voice and project strategy questionnaire. You’ll gain so much clarity around your ideal client and how your business resonates with them through this insightful exercise. 


Combining your questionnaire answers with a thoughtful dose of strategy, I’ll create an outline of your project and present it to you on our kick-off call (which takes about 60-90 minutes). We’ll refine and finalize this outline together while we chat. 


You can get back to living your life while I get busy writing an email sequence and/or sales page made to serve your clients. 


After ONE WEEK (two weeks at most, if your email sequence includes a sales page), I’ll deliver you the first draft of your copy. Everything will be in Google Docs.  If we need to do any edits, we’ll do them together in Google Docs (or on a quick phone call if you’d prefer:)) right away. I leave space for up to two rounds of edits to make sure you totally love your copy before it goes live.


We’ll have a quick 30-minute follow-up call to go over any questions you have, and you’ll be all set! If you’re looking for support in designing your copy onto a sales page or implementing it into an email service provider, I would be more than happy to point you in the direction of a few professionals I trust who can assist you.

That’s it!! Do you have any questions about the process of hiring and working with a copywriter that I didn’t answer here? Let me know in the comments!

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