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free sales page copy template

Launch Email Sequence and Sales Page For a Group Coaching Program!

Featuring the Evolving Entrepreneur Group Coaching Program by Tracey Jazmin


Anytime you’re in the same room (or zoom call!) as Tracey Jazmin, you instantly know you’re going to leave that meeting feeling…1

✨10x more confident in your abilities as a business owner
✨ Completely encouraged (and challenged in the best way) to find your version of success
✨ SO incredibly excited about your future and what’s possible for your creative business!

Tracey is all at once a force and a bright light of what’s possible in entrepreneurship.


I was so fortunate to write Tracey’s launch email sequence and sales page for her group coaching program, the Evolving Entrepreneur. EE helps creative women entrepreneurs build unshakable confidence as business owners and develop a step-by-step action plan for reaching their goals.

✨Launch Stat Time✨

👉She had an average email open rate of 56%-65% with click rates in the 3%-6% range! Booyah!!💪

👉Tracey filled 11 spots in her program!! (The original goal was 10!) 9 out of the 11 came from her email sequence.

👉Client love stat: One woman who joined the Evolving Entrepreneur shared that the sales page was exactly who she was through and through. She felt as if it was written about her. #win!!!

A huge part of this launch success was the pre-writing/market research work we put in to make sure Tracey’s copy did most of the lead pre-qualifying for her.

She knew exactly who she wanted to work with and how her program would help this ideal client, and we worked our butts off to tailor her copy to fit exactly this person. 💕

You can read Tracey’s Sales Page by clicking here, and her email launch sequence by clicking here.

The Testimonail (AKA- The part that makes my job worth it!)

This could be you!

My signature done-for-you copywriting service is an email sequence + sales page combo pack like Tracey’s shown here.

You get a complete email welcome or launch sequence and a complimenting sales page done for you in just two weeks!!

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