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free sales page copy template

Please stop saying business is HARD.

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I spend a lot of my time writing sales copy for coaches and online course creators.

Which means I also spend a lot of my time addressing the:  Objections, Fears, and Doubts that can come up for your clients before they buy from you.  

You know what I mean.

The stuff that keeps your clients awake at night.

The sweaty-palm thoughts that happen before they click Buy Now on your Sales Page. 

“Will this work for me?”

“What if I invest and I don’t see results?” 

And, my favorite because it’s SO me: 

“Am I to fricken’ old, gray, and wrinkly for this?” 😆 

Empathy is a pillar of my business engine, so I’ve always leaned in HARD to meeting people where they’re at, listening, and being honest about the results consumers can expect when writing sales copy for my clients.  

This method to the madness is not just mine. A lot of messaging I read affirms these doubts, objections, and fears as very normal humanness. We often ready copy that says: 

Yes, business is SCARY. 

You’re right! Business is hard AF.

Being an entrepreneur is so lonely. 

We hear these messages. We feel them. (Which came first, I’m not sure anymore, tbh!) 

So we can show up to our work surrounded by this sluggish, grit and grind mentality.  Thinking and going along with the words that surround us, which often sound like: 

I’m scared. I’m not an expert. I have imposter syndrome SO bad. I can’t do this. I’m too far behind. I don’t have enough time. I’m exhausted. 

Vulnerability and being open about the struggles of business is GOOD. I was raised by an entrepreneur father. So if you told me you made a million dollars without blinking an eyelash, I’d call your bluff. 

Business is hard. But if it’s so darn hard and emotionally taxing 24/7…I have to also ask…why are we all doing it? Which doubts, fears, and objections are YOURS, and which are the ones you picked up as ‘normal for business’ based on the messages that flood your online space?  

What if we decided instead that business is FUN.  What if we came to our desks ~ with babies who need nursing on our hips, 700 school activities to volunteer for, the car that you haven’t vacuumed out in 8 months, and maybe even a 9-5 that you want out of~ and decided we were LUCKY to have even one hour of this day to chase our dreams and run a business? 

Because business is fun. Because business is a gift. 

Not in a Pollyanna, “Oh my gosh everything is always just great!” insert fake smile kind of way.  

But in a yep, business is hard. There is so much I don’t know. 

And also…F-it.  

I’m all-in, and I’m having a lot of FUN while I’m doing this. 

Because this is my life. This is what my children are watching me do as an adult. 

 It’s fun. I’m lucky. I’m learning and failing and loving the ride!! 

What would your sales messaging look like then?  

It would look like you sharing your client wins and results without shame or fear that you’re bragging. (The people who love you want you to brag because they already know you’re awesome, and your next client wants to know it too!) 

It would look like you sharing what you know generously and without worrying what anyone else thinks about it. 

 It would look like you having a damn good time and inviting others to come along with you. 

It would feel less like convincing someone into your offer or program, and more like telling qualified leads that, “Here is a kick-ass program or offer, here is the price, there are no refunds because it’s got all you need if you put in the effort (and that, love, is on you), I’m all-in to help you, you can do this, but YOU have to be all-in first.” 

Because business is hard. Life is hard. 

And it can be beautiful too.  Let’s talk about that part of business more. 💛

If you have a sales page or email funnel that is little blah and ho-hum, and needs a serious copy & messaging MAKEOVER to call in aligned clients who are all-in and excited about growing their business and working with you, we can do that!

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