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free sales page copy template

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free sales page copy template

How I batch a quarter of content in 30 minutes or less!

Planning and creating content is like Days of Our Lives. 

Over-the-top dramatic. 


Shows up every week. 

Can bring you to tears. (WHY DID HOPE HAVE TO LOSE HER MEMORY!! WHY??!!) 

Just me?  

Am I the only kid whose grandma must’ve thought, “It’s fine if this eight-year-old watches Marlena’s exorcism. Totally fine.” 

I might be. 

But, either way, I think you get what I’m throwing down: 

Content creation is here to stay. And, if it’s overwhelming you or taking up way too much of your time, it can feel worse than living in a cheesy, never-ending soap opera plot. 

So today, I want to share with you how I plan my content for each quarter in about 30 minutes or less

When you click that link above, you’ll watch a 7ish-minute video, where I walk you through my content planning process, and the spreadsheet I use to keep track of it all.  

Speaking of that spreadsheet, if you’d like to make a copy of that and use it for yourself, you’ve got it:

Free Content-Planning Spreadsheet

Questions? I’m only an email away (hello@jennyrothcopywriting.com), and I always love to hear from you! Wishing you a beautiful week!

PS~ I learned this content planning process from an extraordinary copywriter and coach, Jamie Jensen. If you aren’t already in her community, give her a follow!! She is one of the best, not to mention a huge cheerleader and wealth of knowledge for helping creatives make money.

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