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Evergreen Email Sequence + Sales Page Copy for Brand and Website Designers

Copywriting Project for Carly Kewley of C.K. Design

The client (coolest ever!)

If your brand and website are feeling as drab as that office plant you always forget to water, then you literally need to call Carly, asap. Seriously, go call her. I’ll wait.

I was lucky enough to collaborate with Carly on a few other client projects before writing this email sequence and sales page for her signature Designer for a Day VIP Service. When I tell you she’s the best at what she does, that’s coming from first-hand, personal experience working with her.

Carly makes the fun, vibrant, relatable, beautiful, genuine things that make up a brand come to life through her designs. It’s amazing to me how someone can capture the essence of a brand and the projects that brand wants to attract, and then put that out into the world for everyone to feel and understand with just a glance. <— Carly does that!!!

The project (yep, we nailed it)

Carly already had a wicked cool Brand Personality Quiz for her lead magnet/opt-in. (Take it! I did, and I found out my brand aesthetic is The Innocent.)

So, what we did was craft an automatic welcome/sales email sequence that goes out after someone takes her quiz.

This sequence promotes a couple of things:

1 – Her customizable Canva templates, and

2 – Her Designer for Day Service. This Service is usually a client’s first step in working with her, and now every new subscriber on her email list will go through an evergreen sales launch to book it. And, since the sequence goes out automatically, it does this all in the background. Pretty sweet, right?

The Copy (not too shabby, if I say so myself)

You can check out the email sequence I wrote for Carly by clicking here, and the sales page I wrote for her by clicking here.

Or, better yet, take Carly’s Brand Personality Quiz and go through her evergreen sales sequence IRL (there’s some pretty awesome customizable Canva templates you’ll want to scoop up, and other goodies in it for you too!).

The review (the part that makes my job worthwhile)

“I needed help with my email sequence, because it was shit. It’s been sitting there collecting dust for idk how long. I decided that this was a good start for investment to pull people into my newsletter and highlight my different services. I chose to work with Jenny from seeing her work with another business owner and loved what she provided.

ALSO hiring her for a sales page for my Designer for a Day Service was amazing. I’ve had this idea for so long and didn’t know how to make the words to explain it so it’s digestible and to the point. Jenny waved her magic wand fingers at the keyboard and provided a solid page for that.

Having copy for this service has made it so much easier to sell and talk about it with clients. Plus, with this copy, I now have bite-sized pieces of copy that I can insert into any part of my marketing/social media marketing that helps lead to my services, website, and newsletter, or just share my story.

Working with Jenny was easy and fun, I love her approach because I could give feedback without feeling like I was overstepping anything, but also it was very hands-off for me at the same time. It was conversational and collaborative, and also she moved forward with everything independently and with initiative.” ~ Carly Kewely, CK Design

This could be you!! ☝

My signature copywriting service like the one mentioned above for Carly is done-for-you email welcome/sales sequence copy and sales page copy that leads your clients through your offer suite or to your signature service. This package is $2400 USD and is complete, start to finish, in TWO WEEKS. (yeah buddy!!)

If you’re a service provider or coach who wants to:

Have more opens/clicks in your email sequence.

Have an engaging, fun-to-read, converting email sequence and sales page.

Feel confident marketing your services because you have the messaging you need to sell them.

You got it! Start the conversation with me for this email sequence, sales page copywriting bundle by clicking here.


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