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Help your clients overcome big obstacles with this email

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Hi! It can be challenging to call out your future clients about their mistakes or challenges.

At the same time, you want them to see wins and results, so giving advice on what they’re doing wrong can be necessary to get them out of tasks and activities that aren’t giving them a result and onto a new path that will.

Today, I want to share with you an email that takes a challenge or hurdle your client is struggling with and says, “Hey, if you haven’t reached your goal yet with this thing– you’re doing it wrong, and I’ve got a better way!”

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Ok, back to the post :).

So, we’re going to send an email that calls out a big obstacle that’s holding your client back from achieving a goal and says, “Don’t let this thing stop you! There is a better way. You can do this!”

This email works because: By getting right to the root cause of why they aren’t achieving something, you can help them get the win.

To start, here are some options for your subject line:

Subject: If you’re not ______ [goal, i.e., making $5k with your VA business] – open

Subject: You should be ______ [goal, i.e., be fully booked with VIP days].

Subject: Stop blaming ____ [challenge, i.e., the tech] for ______ [goal they want, i.e., not having a podcast]

Subject: You’re doing ______ [goal, i.e., VIP days] wrong 🙂 

Subject: Not ______ [goal, i,e., fully booked with VIP days]? You’re doing it wrong!

Here’s how to formulate the email itself:

If you’re not ______ [goal they want to achieve, i.e., starting a podcast] because _____ [reason they’re putting this goal off, i.e., you feel overwhelmed by the tech], you’re doing it wrong.

You don’t have to ______ [address a limiting belief that holds them back from this goal, i.e., be tech-savvy to have a professional-sounding podcast.] 

Inside ______ [offer name], I’ll help you ______ [how you help them with this goal/challenge, i.e., overcome any and all tech decisions and obstacles that come up with podcasting.

Here’s how – 

[share 1 -3 modules or pieces of your offer that help them achieve this goal / overcome this challenge]

______ [example #1, i.e., You get lifetime access to video tutorials that walk you through all the tech of running your podcast – step-by-step.]

______ [example #2, i.e., You’ll have daily access to me for tech support, questions, decisions, and challenges as you launch your show.]

______ [example #3, i.e., We have an entire week in this program called Simplify the Production Process that’s dedicated to making the tech side of your podcasting doable.] 

I’ve ______ [share a stat or credential here that shows your expertise on the goal and challenge you help them with. I.e., I’ve launched dozens and dozens of podcasts for rural women business owners.]

I know exactly what you need – and don’t need – ______ [goal, i.e., in your podcasting tech stack.]

I know ______ [share more about your knowledge and expertise and what they get in your offer, i.e., the tricks and shortcuts to editing, recording, uploading, and everything that goes into running your podcast.

I will give you all of this knowledge when you [join/work with me inside] ______ [offer name].

In ______ [offer name], you’ll ______ [offer promise, i.e., launch a chart-worthy podcast that grows your business in the next eight weeks!]

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PS – ______ [use your PS section to include any natural urgency, i.e., Doors to OFFER NAME close DATE and won’t open again this year. If you want to ______ [desired result, i.e., launch your podcast this quarter], click HERE.

To recap: This email is a serving but effective way to call your future clients out on their mistakes so they can start doing things differently and start seeing better results.

I don’t know about you, but if I got an email like this calling out the biggest mistake I’m making or a looming goal I haven’t yet reached, I would absolutely pay attention and give it a read—and your subscribers will, too!

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