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5 things I wish every business owner knew about email marketing

**This blog post corresponds with episode #7 of the Email Marketing Podcast. To hear the audio version of this content, click HERE**

Hey everyone, it is almost the first of May as I write this.

I love May; it’s my birthday month (I’m turning 39 this year!).

My kids go on summer break from school, so we get to spend more time together and do some fun things as a family.

The weather finally gets warm. Where I live, it feels like winter can drag on and on; in fact, as I write this, it is almost May, and it’s still literally 35 degrees F (brr!!). I even saw a few snowflakes falling this morning!

May means I get to plan my garden, plan summer workouts with my cross-country team, and go on road trips with my family – there is so much to look forward to.

So, since May is my favorite and it also happens to be the fifth month of the year …

… I thought it would be fun to share with you FIVE things I wish everyone knew about email marketing.


Five things I wish everyone knew about email marketing

1 – Your opens and clicks will DECREASE during a launch. I think it is so important to set this expectation. I see a lot of business owners feeling defeated and disappointed when they launch because they expect their opens and clicks to soar.

In reality, only the people who are ready to buy will pay attention during your launch, and this is likely a small portion of your audience. It is the quality of your audience that matters – not the quantity.

Pay attention to who is opening and clicking your launch or promo emails and send them personal follow-ups. Offer to give them a low-ticket or free audit that leads to your paid offer. See if they have any questions for you. Opens and clicks decrease during a launch when you are doing it right and speaking only to your potential buyers instead of everyone on the list.

2 – Email funnels work. They absolutely do. Having a converting email funnel that sells your course, membership, or group program will literally change your life, and it is not only big names or unicorns who can create a funnel like this. Send me an email at hello@jennyrothcopywriting.com, and I’ll audit your current funnel for free and give you a strategy that you can use to improve it.

3 – Your email can be repurposed into long-form content. This blog post you’re reading? Yep – it was also an email to my list and a social media caption. You do not have to reinvent the wheel to serve your list. Take what you are already doing and put it into email.

4 – The best email marketers focus on relationships. Your subscribers look at the FROM line more than the SUBJECT line when deciding which emails to open. We read emails from people we like, know, and trust. Building relationships with your subscribers starts before they get on your list, usually with your long-form content. You continue that relationship by sending really great emails, the end :).

5 – There are a million email strategies – find one that works for you. Do you run ads to a webinar and sales funnel? Offer a freebie and then launch to them later? Do you promote your newsletter or a lead magnet? All of these strategies can work if you commit and go all-in with them.

There is more than one way to hatch an egg here, and the bottom line is you need to pick an email strategy that you feel good about, that you can stay consistent with, and that aligns with your goals and values.

Did you learn anything new about email marketing from this list? If so, send an email to hello@jennyrothcopywriting.com or tag me on IG @jennyrothcopywriting with your insights or questions!

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