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Three emails that build more demand for your business – because demand SELLS.

I was recently challenged in a mastermind group to write down all the ways my business has made a difference in my life and the lives of my clients.

If you have never done something like this, totally do it.

Just to air my dirty laundry for a second :), I am someone who is super hard on myself. My default is to leave every situation wondering how I could have done better or kicking myself for all the ways I messed up or didn’t show up ‘perfectly.’ I rarely celebrate wins before quickly moving on to the next project or goal.

To be honest, these are kind of annoying traits to have, and I work on them. 🙂 Writing down some of my client wins is a powerful way for me to focus on the good and see my business and life from a different angle than I usually do.

I’m sharing this with you because if you’re like me…

We have to do better at sharing our client wins with our email lists—not just during launch time, but all the time.

Today, I am going to give you three new ways to share your client wins with your email list.

But, in order to feel comfortable collecting testimonials and sharing them on the Internet, it is so important for you first to know that …

  1. Your business changes lives.
  2. Your clients are more than happy to leave you a review.

When you want to share a client case study or testimonial, start by listing the wins you’ve helped clients achieve, big and small. Keep this list near your working area.

There are a few ways to gather client testimonials, and maybe that topic is its own post, but the way I do it is I send a very short survey to clients as soon as we have wrapped up our project and I know they’re happy with everything. I also check in with them a few weeks or months later to see if they have any additional results to report.

I recommend sending an email to your list at least twice each month with a client win outside of launch time. During launch time, send at least 3-5 client-win emails.

Here’s why: Demand sells.

I’ll repeat it 🙂 .. Demand SELLS.

When something is in demand, it gets noticed. I don’t know about you, but as a consumer, if I see other people loving and raving about something, it grabs my attention and piques my curiosity. It’s almost like I more easily trust that this thing I’m considering buying is going to be a good investment if other people have had a good experience.

Demand sells.

Sharing your client wins, kind words, celebrations, and case studies builds demand.

It isn’t bragging or self-centered. Your business and what you do changes lives. Talk about it =).

Ok, now that we know how to feel more comfortable sharing client wins and why this is so important …

Here are three strategies I recommend for sharing client wins with your email list.

#1 – Host a client takeover

These emails are so fun. Essentially, you have one of your clients take over your email list and share about how much they loved working with you or love your products. The subject line on this can be playful, something like: “Shh! Don’t tell YOUR NAME I’m here” or “Help! They’ve taken over my email!” or “It’s not me in here!!” You can even change the FROM line on your email to say YOUR NAME’s Client (instead of just your name).

#2 Share a specific problem you helped solve

When you’re short on time or not in the mood to create a long case study, this is an excellent way to share the smaller client wins that came up. Your subject line can be something like: “An actual problem I helped solve this week” or “I just helped someone [INSERT WIN, i.e., save 10/hours per week!”

Start your email by saying, “Here’s an actual problem I helped my client work through or solve this week.” And then go right into the story. Tell us a little bit about your client, the challenge they had, and what you did to help them solve it.

It’s a no-fluff approach, and it works because instead of just telling us that you can or did solve a problem for someone, you show us *how* you did it.

#3 Share your celebration list

At the end of the week or month, send an email to your list with a subject line that says, “My celebration list” or “NUMBER of things I’m celebrating this week/month.” In your email, share a list of wins your clients are celebrating, thanks to working with you. You can easily do this by following the exercise I shared above where you write down all the ways your business has made a difference for others. Your future clients will love to see how you are out there working with people and making an impact. An email like this makes you approachable and real when you write it from a place of, “I’m out here doing this work too; it’s not easy every day, and here are some things I am celebrating!”

To recap:

Write down your client wins as often as possible. Keep them someplace where you can always see them.

Gather client wins as often as possible. Your clients want to brag on you; they really do. When you share about their business, you also give them visibility and publicity. It is a win-win.

Share client wins with your email list at LEAST twice a month outside of launch time. When you’re launching, share at least 3-5 client win emails during the launch (at least!).

Expect client win emails to have different stats than your normal emails. I have seen client-win emails have fewer opens and clicks. This is because it is truly the people who are actively ready to buy who are paying attention to these. You might not think anyone cares, but I have seen time and again that when someone books a discovery call or signs up for a program, they almost always say they did it after hearing what other people had to say.

Always include a call to action to work with you in your client win emails.

The people who are actively ready to buy are reading your client wins. Share them!

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