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Three Email Marketing Myths You Can Let Go Of

Today, I want to talk about three email marketing myths that you can let go of.

You’ve heard these things (we’ve ALL heard them!) somewhere online about what it takes to have a profitable email list.

But … 

I want to call BS on these things because they hold business owners back from starting email and seeing success with it. 

And, of course, with these email myths, I’ll tell you what you can do instead to send more emails your subscribers love to read and buy from.

Without further adieu, here are three email marketing myths that you can let go of! 

Myth #1 -Your email list is only for your subscribers 

Your email list is for your subscribers, and it is also for YOU as a business owner. 

I talk to so many people who started an email list because they were told they had to. 

Or they heard that social media is a poor marketing strategy. 

Or they get fed up with social media. Or … it almost becomes a status thing. We’re told that to reach a certain level in business, you must email your list XYZ number of times each week. 

I don’t believe anyone HAS TO or “should” start an email list if they don’t want to.

Because here’s the truth: If you are emailing your list because you ‘have to’ or you’re afraid that if you don’t, your entire business will fall apart …

…  chances are you are not going to be sending very good emails. You won’t stay consistent, you won’t enjoy email as a marketing strategy, and you probably won’t get anything out of it. 🙂

Your email list serves your subscribers, but it also serves YOU as the business owner.

What do you want to get out of emailing your list? 

Why do you want an email list? Is it because someone told you that you have to … or is there a different reason?

 Is it because you want to connect with people in a space where you can be yourself and know them, too?

I love email because when I write emails … I feel like I can be 100% myself. There are no rules, no word counts, no algorithms—email is personal. 

You’re not blasting content to the masses; you’re writing to the people who raised their hands and said, “Yes, talk to me!” 

Email is the closest thing to writing someone an actual letter, like a snail mail letter.

If you had the opportunity to reach your clients in a personal way, which you do with email, what would you say? How would you talk? What would you talk about? Do that in your emails. 

When building an email marketing strategy, ask yourself: 

How does this serve my subscribers … and how does this also serve me as the business owner? What do I want to get out of spending my time emailing? 

Myth #2- Email will save your business 

Ok,  have you guys ever seen the movie Field of Dreams? 

You know … “If you build it … he will come?”

This is my favorite movie ever … I cry every time … but email is not like this ‘build it and they will come’ kind of thing.

I think there is this misconception that if you email, the sales will come …the clients will come.

This seems really strange to me because, yes, people will buy from your emails, but email is just one piece of the puzzle. Email does not save your business. It isn’t a be-all-end-all, at least not for me and the clients that I write for. 

First, you need a proven offer. What I mean by that is … you need an offer that you have sold and have proven that is needed and in demand 

Second, you need to build an audience that is aligned with your offer, meaning you need an audience who is looking for what you do and ready to buy.

Then, LAST, you can layer in the email marketing strategy that sells. 

People buy from your emails when the offer you’re selling is relevant to their challenges or needs.

 People buy from your emails when you actively provide a solution to something they want to achieve or a problem they want solved. 

So, building your email audience and overall audience with the right people is absolutely essential for a successful email marketing strategy. 

Because no matter how good your emails are, I won’t buy what you’re selling if I don’t want or need it:). Right?

This brings me to the final email marketing myth, which is … 

Myth #3 – Subject lines (not people) get open rates 

Ok, imagine for a second that you are scrolling through your inbox and deciding which emails you’ll open today.

Are you reading the subject lines? Or are you reading the FROM line? 

For me, I am scanning the FROM line, 99.9% of the time. 

Sometimes, a good subject line will get me to click if it’s just screaming my name and what I am thinking about right now, but most of the time, I open emails from the PEOPLE I want to hear from (not the subject lines I want to hear from). 

People open your emails because they are from you. They’d want to hear from you anywhere. Email is just one platform they can use to do that. 

Email is not the magic; you are. You are what makes people want to open your emails. 

So, don’t feel like you can get this wrong or that you aren’t cut out for emailing or anything like that, you absolutely are, people read your emails because they come from YOU.

Ok, to recap, the three email marketing myths you can let go of are:

#1 – Your email list is only for your subscribers

#2 – Email will save your business

#3 – Subject lines (not people) get open rates

I hope you enjoyed this post! 

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