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Four examples of emails you can send to your list at the beginning of the month

Hello hello! Today, I want to share a few of my favorite emails to send at the beginning of each month.

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Here are four ideas for emails you can send to your list at the beginning of each month:

#1) The calendar of events email

This email is a calendar of events for what you have coming up for the month ahead.

This email was inspired by my kids’ school! At the beginning of each month, I check the school’s calendar of events so I know what’s coming up, what we want to attend, what we don’t want to miss, etc.

And this got me thinking … your audience probably wants to do the same thing with your calendar.

We’re all pretty good at telling people about events we have coming up a few weeks or days in advance, but if you really follow someone and want to see all the places they’re hanging out and things they’re doing this month, wouldn’t it be cool to have their ‘calendar of events?’

So you can see how you can work with and hear from them in the coming month and plan your calendar accordingly.

Maybe you have a masterclass coming up, maybe a podcast you spoke on is being released, or maybe you’re launching something new. Send your ‘calendar of events’ at the top of the month so your audience knows what to expect, and they can put the dates they don’t want to miss to learn and connect and buy from you on their calendars, too. 

#2) The previous month recap email

This email is exactly what the title sounds like. In it, you are going to recap your biggest wins and ‘learns’ from the previous month.

Make it fun and personal by including a mix of business and personal recaps. 

Share your two biggest wins from the previous month. Then, share your two biggest ‘learns’ or fails from this month and what you’re going to do differently going forward or what you gained from these experiences.

Your audience will love the look behind the scenes; this email is a beautiful way to connect with your subscribers. It makes you human and approachable. I don’t know about you, but I love teaching where I am just sharing what worked for me instead of acting like I know everything (which I don’t – darn it:)). This style of email is perfect for pulling back the curtain and giving your readers a really real look at what’s working and what’s not working for you.

#3) The celebrate a ‘fun’ holiday email

There are so many wacky and fun “holidays” every month, search “holidays for March” or “holidays for XYZ” month, and you’ll find all kinds of things to celebrate that are off-the-cuff, like …

National Donut Day

National Adopt A Cat Day

National Eat Pizza For Breakfast Day

Find a fun holiday you can relate to and share it with your subscribers.

I recently did this with Adopt A Guinea Pig Day. My beautiful daughters adopted a pet guinea; I told this entire story about how they talked me into this even though I was so against it.

I shared a photo of our guinea pig, Cleopatra, and tied it back to trusting yourself to make decisions in business and with your copy …because man, my kids were right on this one.

They knew that the guinea pig was a good idea. Almost a year later, I can say I agree, but I didn’t right away:). 

An email like this works because the goal is to start a conversation and build relationships with your subscribers.

Email marketing is about relationship building. 

This email reads like a fun story you’d tell a friend. Your subscribers will enjoy getting to know you and find something in common with you, too! 

Your call to action is to have them reply if they also celebrate XYZ holiday and open that door for conversations to start.

#4) The ways to work with me this month email

This email, again, is pretty self-explanatory. Literally, put a subject line on it that says ‘ways to work with me in March,’ and send an email with your openings for this month.

Maybe that’s a paid service or a FREE offer you want to grow. Share both. If you book well in advance, send this email quarterly … Ways to work with me in Q2. Briefly explain each offer, share who it’s for and what it is, and send it out!

Link to each offer, or ask your subscribers to reply with the number that corresponds to the service they want more details on. To keep this email from getting to long, I would choose 2-3 ways they can work with you, max.

I hope this post was helpful to you!

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