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The Ultimate Email To Deliver Your Lead Magnet


Hello hello!

Today I want to share with you my framework for writing the ultimate email to deliver your lead magnet.

Quick caveat: 

If you don’t know, a lead magnet is something you give to your subscribers FOR FREE in exchange for their email address.

Lead magnet, opt-in, freebie … these are all names you’ll hear for this free thing tossed around online. 

Above all else, I recommend that your lead magnet:

  1. Be in audio or video format if possible. A free masterclass, webinar, private podcast series, etc. But, of course, there are always exceptions to this “rule.” Think about the best way to deliver the information to your subscribers, and create your lead magnet that way.
  1. Your lead magnet has to lead to your paid offer. This is the biggest mistake I see business owners making, and trust me, I’ve done this too. I’ve created lead magnets that maybe, kind of, tied into my paid offers … but not exactly. Your lead magnet should make your paid offer the next most obvious choice. So you can say, “Now that you have this information in my FREE THING … you might want MORE of this in my PAID THING.” Or … “Now that you have this information from my FREE THING … you might also want to solve THIS OTHER PROBLEM, and this is exactly what I do in my PAID THING.”
  1. Make your lead magnet as good as your paid stuff. I really believe that your lead magnet and the nurture emails that go out behind it should be so good that it is an easy YES for clients to work with you. Over deliver on that lead magnet. Give them huge wins in your lead magnet, and you’ll build trust FASTER with your audience. 
  1. Deliver your lead magnet to their email. Don’t just have the class or PDF appear on the thank you page or screen. Create a pop-up message or thank you page that tells your new subscriber, “Thank you! Your Free thing is headed to your inbox; check your spam and promotions folders, etc.” This will keep your emails out of spam, improve deliverability, and get your new subscriber used to seeing your name in their inbox and looking forward to your emails.

Ok, now that you’ve had this unplanned lead magnet 101 class 🙂 ….

Here is an email template I recommend you use to deliver that lead magnet to your new subscriber’s inbox:

The Ultimate Email To Deliver Your Lead Magnet (TEMPLATE)

Subject Line Options:

Subject: ______ [desired result] in 3 … 2 …

Example: Parenting preschoolers  made easy in 3 … 2 …. (free training  inside!)

Subject: Free ______ [what this is]

Example: Free guide on ending power struggles with your preschooler!

Subject: Free _____ [what] for ___ [who]

Example: Free mini-training for parents of preschoolers

Subject: Open for your free  ______ [what this is]

Example: Open for your free end-the-preschool-power struggle mini training

Subject:  [desired result] – free ___ [what]

Example: End the power struggles with your preschooler – free training! 

Email Template:

[phrase you’d say to celebrate, i.e.: Pop the bubbly!! Air high fives for everyone!! Woohoo, the best thing since gluten-free bread is HERE!! Exhale a big sigh of relief …]

You’re just minutes away from knowing how to ______ [desired result as promised in your free resource, i.e.: get your preschooler to follow rules without starting a power struggle.]

I’ll show you how inside my free ____ [what, i.e.: mini-training]: _____ [title of freebie, i.e.: How to End Power Struggles With Your Preschooler.]

       ⭐Click HERE to [watch/get/start] the free [what, i.e. training]⭐

I created this _____ [what it is] because I know it can be super _____ [adjective, i.e.: frustrating, overwhelming, difficult] to _____ [desired result].

I completely understand.

Inside this _____ [what this is] for _____ [ideal client], I’ll show you – 

[share 2-3 big wins they’ll gain from this free resource]

  • _______ [Big win #1, ie.: A simple parenting tool, that you can start using today, to end power struggles – fast.]
  • ______ [Big win #2, i.e.: What to do when you ask your child to do something, like clean up their toys, and they reply with, “No!”]

This ____ [what this is, i.e. free guide] will make it possible for you to _____ [desired result, i.e.: end power struggles and help your child develop critical thinking and problem solving skills at the same time.] 

I’m ready when you are! 

Click here to [watch/get/start] the free ____ [what this is, i.e.: mini-training] on _____ [topic, i.e.: ending power struggles with your preschooler.]


That’s it! I hope this post was helpful to you.

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