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It’s Only $25 and It’s Also Everything ~ On Funnel Builds and Getting Fired

Hey everyone!

On March 3, 2020, I left my job as a magazine editor to take my copywriting business full-time.

Smiling because I was making enough as a copywriter to leave my magazine job and work for myself! I had just announced this pivot on Facebook. 

Less than two weeks later, I lost all of my copywriting projects overnight.

All of my clients at the time were all were brick and mortar businesses that were hit particularly hard by the pandemic.

I was devastated. I decided to quit.

I even looked at programs to go back to school for nursing or teaching. 

Then, later that week, I received a $25 check in the mail with a letter that literally saved my writing career. It said: 

“Thank you for submitting your poem to our publication! We are delighted to inform you it has been accepted.” 

I got paid $25 for a poem I wrote!!

My $25 check for my poem – the only income I made in March 2020.

This $25 was my only income in March 2020.

It was all I needed to keep going.

Today, it’s almost March 2024. 

My copywriting business is still here; it has continued to grow.  I love it more than cake, and I really love cake a lot. 🙂 

I opened my laptop last Friday and screamed because I saw that I’d made a $25 sale from the first Evergreen email funnel I’ve ever written for my own business.


It’s enough to keep me going once again. 

Writing a funnel for myself has been so rewarding and also very, very hard. 

It has forced me to make space for my own marketing in ways I usually don’t. 

It has required that I take new risks and pivot and put my energy into something that I could fail at. 

It has made me look at my own messaging and copy, which is so difficult for me. I’d much rather ignore this uncomfortable task and just focus on writing everyone else’s stuff beautifully. 

My funnel has had 18 people go through it fully, with 110 total signed up and still going through the emails. 

I’ve made 4 sales on an offer that is $297 (payment plans are $25/month for 12 months) in about 10 days. 

I am ecstatic over these numbers and that first $25!! 

I know I have mountains of testing and marketing and refining ahead of me for this funnel.  

But I’m taking this as a win and sign to keep going. 💪

What are you working toward this week? What are your signs to keep going? I’d love to hear from you!

PS – You can go through my funnel and see it in action by downloading my free email marketing strategy and template collection. 

PPS – The first thing I wrote for my funnel was the sales page. 

Without a doubt, your sales page is the anchor of your offer messaging. 

When your sales page is on point, you can easily copy and paste your messaging into your emails and social captions.

When your sales page is converting, you can build an Evergreen funnel with confidence because you know your traffic is headed to a page that will close the sale. 

You can make discovery calls optional for your launch, or get rid of them altogether. 

Because your sales page *is* the sales call ~ and she’s really damn good at what she does:). 

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