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free sales page copy template

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free sales page copy template

On having a sales page your clients love to read and buy from

What if you treated your sales page like it was a gift for your reader?

There’s a flow to your sales page, of course.

Messaging matters, yes.

Talk about the benefits. 

Sell the promise. 

Yes and yes. 

But more than anything

Your sales page has to be something your future clients want to read.

And if you don’t love creating it or talking about it?

Nobody will love reading it.

That’s just physics or the law of the universe or whatever:).

This month, I am writing two sales pages and finishing up edits on another. 

Yesterday, I found myself just grinding it out at my desk. 

Writing from a place of stress and nerves. 

Telling myself: “This page has to be good or ELSE!” 

Guess how well the first draft turned out? 

(not great) 

I took a walk. Did the laundry. Talked to my dog:). 

I came back and started writing this page from a different place …

I’m so thankful I get this project.

This page is going to be such a gift for the reader.

I’m going to have fun writing this.

No matter how long it takes, I have time for this sales page.

The people reading this are going to be so thankful for this page. It’s going to change their life! 

This second draft? 

It’s so much better. SO much better. I can’t wait to give it to my client. (woohoo)

The sales pages I see performing the best are the ones written like a conversation with your reader. 

Be yourself.

Don’t get so caught up in making your sales page ‘right’ that you forget who it’s for. 

(your reader)

 Know your reader. Talk to them like you normally would. 

Just because it’s a sales page doesn’t mean your emotion and truth and personality have to take a back seat.

Just because other people do their sales page ‘this certain way’ doesn’t mean you have to:). 

I am now booking Sizzlin’ Sales Page copy projects for April and May!

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You’ll have sales page copy your clients love to read and buy from.

You’ll get on more sales calls that are just formalities.

Your clients will be already pre-sold from your page. 

You’ll finally have the sales page you need to scale your offer by:

making sales calls optional/not necessary

turning your live offer Evergreen with a funnel

filling more seats

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