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free sales page copy template

Implement a relationship-based email marketing strategy that makes sales. 

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free sales page copy template

The biggest mistake coaches make when it comes to their email marketing (and what to do instead)

The biggest mistake coaches make when it comes to email marketing is –

Doing it out of fear or obligation.

Literally, everyone will tell you how important email marketing is.

You own your list!
More people see your emails!

This might be true.

But, when you write emails from a place of:

“FUCK! Email is one more thing I *have to do*!”

You won’t send great emails.

And you won’t be consistent with emailing your list.

My advice?

1 – Be patient with yourself

You can do this. You don’t have to get high opens & clicks all the time. No one does.

Your emails do not have to be perfect. They’ll get better the more you email.

2 – Have a strategy

Email from the heart when you have the inspiration & desire.

But, for the days when you don’t know what to say, fall back on your *plan.*

Have a theme for your emails. Have topics you rotate through.

This gives you a place to start from, instead of pulling from scratch.

3 – Emulate what works – but keep it YOU

Pay attention to the emails you love to read and ask yourself:

How can I emulate this in my emails?

How can I take this email topic and make it work for my business?

Every email you read came about because the sender saw it somewhere else, liked it, and adapted it for their business.

I have a free resource to help you build an email marketing strategy that you are so proud of and that you can stay consistent with.

This is a free email marketing strategy, calendar, and template collection.

It’s called: How to implement a relationship-based email marketing strategy that makes sales.


A collection of 6 customizable email templates that you can rotate through every single month to deliver a ton of value to your list and sell your offers.

An email marketing mini-training and calendar that shows you how to use each template, so you never have to guess what to say to your list or when.

Click here to get the free email strategy, calendar, and template collection!

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