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Website Copy for a Wedding Videographer – Featuring DewyFilms.

I had the amazing honor of writing a website for one of the coolest wedding videography companies I’ve come across! Spencer of DewyFilms is a destination wedding videographer based in Sioux Falls, SD, serving couples across the midwest and beyond.

From the minute I started interviewing Spencer’s couples about their experience working with him for the market research on this project, and hearing all the incredible things they had to say about how organized, professional, kind, giving, and fun Spencer is, I knew this web copy was going to be a gift for his future couples and a joy to create!

The client (coolest ever)

DewyFilms creates heartfelt wedding films that feel effortless, genuine, and fun – just like hanging out with the person you love. 

Fun is one common thread that couples use when describing what it’s like to work with owner Spencer Larsen on their wedding day.  Here’s what else his clients are saying … 

Organized and so professional. 

Spencer made us feel completely comfortable and at ease on our wedding day.

He valued us, he valued our ideas, and most importantly, he valued us as people. 

I mean, did your wedding videographer make you both laugh by telling you to whisper what you had for lunch into your significant other’s ear in your best Batman voice?

Did they purposely not include a set number of hours for film coverage in their package – because no matter when that sparkler send-off happens, they’ll be there for the whole day to capture it for you, rest assured. 

Spencer has so much talent for helping others, serving couples, and creating the most heartfelt and beautiful wedding films (zero tacky clichés included!). 

The project (we nailed it!)

I was super fortunate that Spencer brought me on to write the website copy for DewyFilms. 

We were able to do a few important things in the process:

  • Uncover DewyFilms’ story, brand voice, and what sets them apart from other videographers … and then clearly articulate that on their website. 
  • Weave client voice into every section of the site, so their ideal couples always feel right at home with every word.
  • Highlight Spencer’s process and the experience he delivers to clients on their wedding day – so they feel like they already know, trust,  and have confidence in him even before jumping on the phone to book.  Pre-selling and pre-qualifiying every potential lead. 
  • Give Spencer’s gorgeous wedding films center stage. 

My Favorite Copy from the Website

Words from the site …

It’s more than a couple of crazy kids tying the knot…

Your love is a story. And stories come alive when they’re told. 

Welcome to wedding films that feel effortless, genuine, and fun – just like hanging out with the person you love. 

Words from the site …

For you, booking a wedding videographer isn’t an option – it’s a given. 

And, *gulp*,  the time is now. Your wedding planner says this task is next on your to-do’s.  So here you are, with one tiny worry on your mind:

You don’t want to watch your wedding video and think: 

“It’s beautiful, but…it’s missing us.” 

The essence of who you are as a couple. The genuine love and emotion you feel for each other. That’s what you want to see.  Anyone can get footage of your day, add music to it, and make it pretty. But you’re looking for something more. Something like a…

Sincerely-felt wedding film that tells the story of your love.

And an experience that feels natural – like spending quiet moments with just the two of you, together. 

Read the Full Website

Homepage Copy for DewyFilms

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The testimonial (AKA – the part that makes my job worth it)

“I feel like I am 10 steps ahead of where I was before working with Jenny in terms of my website and the messaging I’m using on it to speak to my couples. 

It was eye-opening for me to go into my client testimonials with her and really see the experience I deliver as a wedding videographer reflected back to me in their words. To understand how that experience makes people feel, how it stands apart, and to be able to express that to my future clients through my copy, too. I recommend working with Jenny on your website copy to anyone.” 

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