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Episode #16 of Above the Bar Podcast | How to conduct market voice research as a copywriter

5 Tips on How to Conduct Client Voice Research

The best copy for your business is not in your head. It exists in your CLIENT’s head. Right? So you’re not CREATING copy as much as you are LISTENING for it, digging for it, uncovering it. On episode #16 of Above the Bar Podcast, I cover 5 tips on how to conduct client voice research like a copywriter. These 5 tips will help get your copy to speak to what your people want… their voice! Isn’t that the main goal of what we do anyways?!

Episode #16 of Above the Bar Podcast | How to conduct market voice research as a copywriter

How to Conduct Client Voice Research

Everything I publish – website, sales page, email campaign- everything I create for myself or for my copywriting clients – the first step before any writing begins is gathering client voice research. Client voice research is how you get your copy to speak to what your people want. It’s how you communicate your offer promise. It’s how you show your potential customers and clients that you are listening and have a solution specific for them. And this my friend, is the center of what we do as copywriters. Here are 5 tips on how to conduct client voice research within your business:

Tip 1:

Conduct phone interviews with past clients and/or ideal clients you’d love to work with.  This can be people you follow on Instagram who you think would be a perfect fit for your offers. 

Tip 2:

Conduct surveys! These work just like a phone interview, only the respondent can fill it out in his or her own time. At the end of this blog, you’ll find the link to the survey I use, to the email I send out asking someone to take the survey. 

Tip 3:

Go through your new client intake forms, onboarding questionnaires, discovery call audios.

Tip 4:

Be sure to gather client reviews and testimonials. This is so important when you’re creating offer promises and to see the result and speak to that in your copy. 

Tip 5:

Your copy is for your clients, but it is also first and foremost for YOU. What I mean by that is before anyone else can give a hoot about you’re talking about – YOU have to care. You have to be excited about it, you have to be jazzed to talk about it, you have to believe in it so much that you wake up every day and build hype around it. To do that, I have my copywriting clients fill out a pre-project questionnaire. This is a place for them to brain dump and freewrite on their values, their mission, their clients, their offer, etc. so we can tie their purpose into the copy too and mesh that with the client voice.

Everyone loves a freebie!

I hope you found these 5 tips extremely helpful, and are ready to implement them into your own business! However, I would hate for you to learn these 5 tips, then to be left not knowing what to do next.  That’s why I’ve created a FREE Client Voice Survey, Interview, Questionnaire, and Email Templates just for you, friend! I have all of my new copywriting clients fill this out, and you can find it right here

I also want to share about an audio transcription service that I absolutely love called Temi. This resource is SO helpful when it comes to quickly transcribing audio into a format that I can read and use for other content in my business!

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