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Episode #16 of Above the Bar Podcast | How to conduct market voice research as a copywriter

Strategies for Growing Your Business | Ditch the Social Media Drama with Holly Haynes

Are you looking for inspiration and strategies for growing your business in the cracks of your day….beyond using Instagram and posting to social media? If you’re sitting there thinking, “Yes, Jenny! That’s me!” then you’re not going to want to miss our very first guest episode on the Above the Bar Copy Podcast where you’ll get to learn from the INCREDIBLE Holly Marie Haynes! Holly is sharing all of her own business strategies that promote GROWTH, which is what all of us entrepreneurs are craving, right?!

About Holly

Holly is a business strategist who is passionate about teaching women how to build their dream job and scale to 6-figures without sacrificing their weekends or priorities. She built a business in less than two years (during a pandemic!!) with multiple offers, products, and now a Top 100 podcast — all while working full-time and raising twins. Yes, we’re all thinking it.  She’s basically a super woman?!

This is an episode you don’t need to wait to listen to! Holly shares the strategies for growing your business, and they are the exact same ones she used and still uses to this day to leave her corporate career and support her family by working on her business for just 10-15 hours every week.  She also gets real about the place of social media in your business. (Spoiler: it’s one tool in your toolkit, not the driver of all things!). 

About the Episode

Trust me, you’re going to want to hear from Holly and soak up everything she teaches on:

  1. Ditching the social media drama
  2. Running a profitable company in 8-10 hours a week.

Where to listen

Above the Bar Copy Podcast is available on Apple and Spotify! Holly’s episode is Episode #15 and you can listen to it HERE! While you’re there, be sure to enter my copy audit giveaway by leaving a 5-star positive review on this show and email me at hello@jennyrothcopywriting.com with a screenshot of that review.

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