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free sales page copy template

When you feel stuck on creating content for your business. Read this.

“You don’t have to create. You can just document!”

 Isn’t that a lovely way to think about writing copy for your business?

I heard this idea last week on a podcast interview with social media manager & content strategist, Hira Usama. 

Everything about this approach feels like a giant sigh of relief to me. 

Because the pressure is always on, right?

To create thought-leader content.

And mind-blowing social media posts. 

Stuff so good, it has clients reaching out to you.


That’s a super tall order we put onto our shoulders every week.

When the truth is ~ you do have brilliant, lightbulb moment-type ideas inside of you.

They’re not going anywhere. And they’ll always be there when you’re ready to share them.

But you don’t have to feel pressure to produce them every single time you write copy for your business.

Pretty sure even the Beatles couldn’t spin beautiful, totally original words together as much as we demand of ourselves these days!

So in the meantime, while your thought-leader posts are brewing…


Content that documents looks like sharing your…

Your work process

Client reviews/testimonials

Your calendar & to-dos for the day

Things you’re learning

What you’re working on

Behind-the-scenes of your day

Products you’re using

Books, podcasts, movies that are influencing you right now

You do not have to post totally awesome, life-altering content to be successful or impactful to your audience.

Just document. 

As consistently as you can ~ document. And sprinkle in the innovative, creative stuff when it comes along. 💛

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