You’re in the right place for easy-to-use mini-courses & pocket guides that will walk you through writing your best emails, website pages, and sales pages in as little time as possible.

Every business ~ even if you’re not ready to hire a copywriter or are just starting out, deserves to have impactful copy and marketing materials they feel proud of. 

Everything you see in the JRC shop is $99 or less (with most things priced between $19-$37) and comes with lifetime access. And, all courses will take you an hour or less to complete (plus writing time!).

You are so much more capable of writing sales copy than you know. You can do this!

It is my hope that these resources help elevate your business and while guiding you to create words your clients can’t wait to read. 

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Resources to help you write outstanding email, website & sales page copy.

Copywriting Templates


Have an engaging, fun-to-read email welcome sequence live in minutes (not months!) with this plug-and-go template. Includes eight emails, at least 5 subject lines to choose from for each, notes on when to send every email, word-for-word copy you can follow, and a 15-minute video guide walking you through your sequence build.

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A Free workbook + video guide for creating purposeful IG content that serves your ideal client. PLUS 5 caption templates. 


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