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Three lies that hold you back from creating content for your small business. (And what you can do about them!)

Literally every time I create any type of content for my business—whether that’s an email, a blog post, or even a Reel, these 3 lies immediately push to the front of my brain:

1. There’s already so much noise out there, you’re just adding to it.

2. This is so far from perfect. Maybe you should wait until it’s better.

3. Your voice isn’t cool/experienced/knowledgeable/good enough.

These lies are the worst, and no matter how successful you become, I don’t think they ever go away. (Like that one guest at the party who just never knows when to call it a night). 🙄

But even though they’re sticking around, these lies don’t get to decide how we show up for others or whether we show up at all.

The first step is recognizing that these types of thoughts are there. This is so completely normal! There is nothing “wrong” with you if talking to the camera on Instagram stories or writing to your email list feels shaky. 

The second step is replacing these lies with the truth. 

Let’s do that real quick, shall we? 💃

Lie: There’s already so much noise out there, you’re just adding to it.

Truth: You are not noise. Not ever. The things you share are valuable and worthy because they are you. And you are valuable and worthy every minute of every day. Period. If this lie creeps in often, imagine the client you want to help with your content. Picture her and bring all the focus onto her. This helps me get out the headspace of doubting myself and into one that is creating something to serve someone else.

Lie: This is so far from perfect. Maybe you should wait until it’s better. 

Truth: Done is always better than perfect. Always. Plus, you literally cannot go wrong. Share your things, see what works and what doesn’t, and keep going. The only way forward is to just go. You never have to be the best in the world or perfect to show up.  

I am a perfectionist at heart, so I know what you’re going through here. It feels like pulling teeth, but just put the thing out into the world and then move on. I promise if you do that, it does get easier. Your people love to hear from you. Also, remember that no one else but you is over analyzing the sh!t out of it. 🥰

Lie: Your voice isn’t cool/experienced/knowledgeable/good enough. 

Truth: Me in real life: “Oh my gosh HIIII!! It’s so nice to see you. Can I grab you a coffee? A margarita? A sparkling water? What’s new? How was your week? Tell me what you do!!”  (Hugs you too many times and stares at you like a puppy because I’m so glad you’re here)

Me when I write for my business: “Hi, I’m Mrs. Roth. It’s a pleasure to meet you. How can I help you today?”  (Shakes your hand and tries to sit up straighter)

So often when we go to create content we put on our “business voice.” I get it, this is your business. You want to make a good impression and do it right (same!). But who you are right now and how you sound is exactly the voice your work needs. It’s exactly the voice your clients are looking for. 

An easy trick for keeping your true voice when you create content is to say what you wrote out loud. Then ask yourself, Does this sound like me? Is this how I would really talk in this situation? Imagine again your client and how you’d talk to her in real life if she was sitting across from you, and write your content like that.

Do any of these lies creep in for you when you create content too? Leave a comment and let me know!PS ~ My friend & social media manager Nicole + I put together an hour-long video class and planning guide that teaches business owners how to create their Instagram content strategy and write captions too.💛 For you, for free! Just click here.

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