TBH, you’d rather clean your kitchen with a Q-tip than sit down and write them. 

Plus, between running a business and living your life, who has the time?!

You’re a creative professional or coach with a heart for encouraging other women. 

Your work lights you up. You love your clients! And you’re ready to grow your business even more. 

The thing is...while you know the words on your website and email funnel have huge potential to build client relationships...  

And serve your clients with high integrity.

Words to carry your business forward.

So when you know how you want your clients to feel when they interact with your business but need a pro to help you strategize your message and invite them into your offers in just the right way, that’s where I come in. 

Copy that sells without being “salesy” is more than possible for you, beautiful friend!

It has to sound like you and show how you stand out. It has to be fun to read and engaging. It has to resonate deeply with your clients without making them feel rushed, pushed, or tricked into buying. 

Can I just say: I completely agree! 

You want your sales copy to be good. Better than good.


Hi, it’s so wonderful to meet you!

I’m Jenny, an email, sales page &  website copywriter specializing in words that welcome your clients with open arms.

I’ll help you uncover the stories and message strategies that connect with your audience and have them thinking, “Yep, this is who I want to work with!”

Investing in your website or email funnel copy is an investment that you’ll see returns on for as long as you do business.

Your copy is meant to do the heavy-lifting of sales and relationship building for you on autopilot, 24/7. 

So you can spend fewer hours behind a keyboard and more time doing what you love: serving your clients and growing your business. (And eating chips and guac, growing a garden, training for a marathon, wrangling your kids...or any of the other amazing things you do!)

start the conversation!

My approach to copywriting is ...

We build a strategy first, then fill it in with the right message to resonate with your audience. 

Your clients are kept at top of heart, with empathy and respect for them woven into every word.

Sharing honest, high-integrity results and possibilities with your readers.

There is no such thing as an ordinary story. Everyone’s story is extraordinary. (Especially yours!)

You might think your industry is saturated, but there is no one out there who can serve your clients in the same way as you. That’s what we’re bringing forward in your copy.

Reading sales copy should be fun and fill people with possibility and hope; not constantly point out what they’re missing or doing ‘wrong.’ 

What it’s like to work with me

get in touch!

We grab a coffee and chat

When you click here and fill out my contact form, you'll set up a time for us to hop on a call and visit about your business and copywriting projects. We can even go over your current website or email funnels together for a quick audit. I can’t wait to meet you!

Then, we get to work

When we decide we’re the perfect match, we’ll sign contracts and reserve your space on my calendar with a deposit. Woohoo! Next, I’ll send you a very brief project strategy & brand voice questionnaire. You just hired me to write for you, so I'm not going to make you write  novel on your intake form! Nope.  The research and writing is off your plate, officially!

We’ll finalize your strategy

Based on our chat and your questionnaire, I’ll get busy creating a strategic outline or wireframe for your copy.  I'll present it to you, and together we’ll make sure it’s perfect. You’ll know and approve the path your audience will take through your words right from the start. 

I’ll get busy writing

With our strategy and outline in place, it’s time for me to get busy writing the first draft of your copy! This is the part where you can give a big sigh of relief that you don’t have to spend your time at the keyboard right about now. That’s all being handled for you (and done really, really forking well!). 

We’ll get every word just right

I’ll send your copy over to you for review in Google Docs. Here, you’ll be able to make any comments, edits, or requests for changes you need. I believe in offering edits before and after copy testing to make sure your words are converting to sales. 

Et Viola! Your copy is finished!

Your final copy is IN! I’ll hand it off to you, your designer, your web developer, or whoever is entering it into your systems/platforms. I’ll also be available during this phase to help with anything I can. Congratulations!! You have words that will be working for your business for years to come. 

Meet your copywriter

next fun fact >>

The age I wrote my first book. It was an R.L. Stine Goosebump’s fan fiction piece. (Yep, I was that cool.) I even convinced one of my fourth-grade classmates to illustrate it! I’ve since written three middle-grade novels as an adult. 


The number of times I’ve traveled internationally with my husband and our three daughters. Looking for an ice breaker? Ask me about Costa Rica! 


Number of languages I speak. I went to college for Spanish and lived in Mexico for a time. My Spanish is pretty fuzzy these days from lack of practice, but my favorite podcast to help me keep learning is Espanolistos.


The number of years I’ve worked as a copywriter. In the spirit of transparency, I started very, very slowly. Working on only one project per month while my kids were little, to working full-time now that they’re a bit older. To the Mamas reading this: Know that you can do anything.


The average number of books on my nightstand at any given moment. I flip between several reads constantly on copywriting, business, parenting, health and wellness, and fiction. Tell me you stalk Reese’s Book Club too?!


The number of chickens in my backyard. We also have one sweet pup, a feisty cat, and too many houseplants and outdoor gardens that I will forever be trying (and often failing) to keep alive. 

Hanging out with my husband and our three daughters. We live in beautiful (windy) South Dakota, where we're usually up to some outdoor shenanigans like hiking, raising chickens, riding our bikes, or swimming in the Missouri River.

When I'm not writing, you can find me…

how can I help you today?

Personally greet every client that steps into your virtual office and make her feel right at home.

Website Copy

build more relationships and make more sales with fire email and sales page copy!

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I believe....


That all women should have the opportunity to support their families and spend a ton of quality time with their kids at the same time.

The purpose of writing is to put love in the world.

We are so lucky to always be a work in progress, every day a little better than we were yesterday. 

Writing is a beautiful gift that puts your soul on paper to find other soul friends.

You can do anything ... except edit a blank page. Just write. Start. That's 90% of the work.

You can always, always start over and begin again. Second chances never run out. 

Life is better when you see the good in others and are thankful for the most ordinary things.

Your sales copy can help people sees themselves in another human being and feel less alone.

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What: A YEAR'S WORTH (AND COUNTING) OF EMAIL NEWSLETTER & SEQUENCE TEMPLATES - PLUS!! 4 new templates added every month, and new EMAIL sequence templates added every quarter

Each email template includes: a clear goal, call to action, visual EXAMPLE, fill-in-the-blanK customizable copy swipes, and 5 subject line options to choose from.

SERVING: coaches, service providers, and personal brands

For when writing emails is the giant 'should be doing' in your business that never gets done.


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